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The News Archive is a place on that tells you the past news. When you click on each link stating the name of the past event, a whole summery pops up telling you anything and everything you might want to know about the event.

For example, you might click on this,

March 3 2009 Tortuga Tours

And you see this,

Tortuga Tours March 3 2009
Tour the Town, See the Sights!
Tortuga tours

Still finding your way around the new Tortuga? We're here to help. Join us this Friday, March 6 from 11 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time and tour the town with the Pirates Online GMs.

Join us this Friday, March 6 from 11 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time for Tortuga Tours. We'll be roaming the oceans that begin with the letter B, meeting Pirates, and showing them the town. You'll hear stories about the people and places, plus get some insight on the changes and how the EITC may play a role. Join us for this role-playing event!

The News Archive would be great, but Pirates Online hardly updates it, it is currently at 2009.

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