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Looking for some background on the dreaded Jolly Roger? Wondering about those wicked Privateers and their allies? Pirates Online Lore offers players a chance to learn more about the world of Pirates Online while spinning tales of adventure and salty old seadogs. New Lore is added frequently so check back often. Aye, dead men do tell tales...

Jolly25 Chapter I: Who is Jolly Roger?

Seafaring folk often tell the old tale of how the envious Pirate Jolly Roger and Captain Jack Sparrow found themselves vying for the same coveted seat in the Pirate Brethren Court. Read More

Ship2 Chapter II: A Tale of Two Islands

Two middling Pirates by the name of Garcia de Avaricia and Pierre le Porc emerged as self-proclaimed 'lords' of two small islands in the backwaters of the Caribbean. Read More

Seal Chapter III: Rise of the Privateer

Seeking fame and fortune, one such pirate swore his allegiance to the Spanish flag. Ye too can turn to Privateering, but you'll need a stout crew. Here be a journal entry made by a Privateer flying the Spanish flag during the midst of battle, now witness firsthand what this Privateer hath faced. Read More

Moon Chapter IV: Curse of the Muertos Moon

Somethin' wicked be descendin' upon us, mates. Seems the evil Jolly Roger is tryin' to vex the Caribbean with a dreadful curse. If it be true, we all be servin' in his undead army soon. Read More

Lore icon chp5 Chapter V: From the Ashes - The New Port Royal Rises

An eyewitness account of the recent destruction of Port Royal as told by Captain Walter of the Marceline Guild ... Read More

Lore icon chp6 Chapter VI: EITC - Plots & Rumors

Rumors travel fast in the Caribbean. Rumor was the EITC were planning an all out assault on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Read More

Lore icon chp7 Chapter VII: From the Ashes - A New Tortuga

An account of the recent destruction and rebuilding of Tortuga as told by Captain Walter of the Marceline Guild... Read More

Lore icon chp8 Chapter VIII: Fiery Winds of Change

Padres Del Fuego has long been a simmering cauldron of instability, but when stores of EITC gunpowder were ignited by lava flow — all Hades really did break loose. Read More

Lore icon chp9.5 Chapter IX: The Underworld of the Caribbean: Where Evil Thrives

Caves are re-crafted as Jolly Roger tunnels deeper under the main islands in search of skeletons to build his evil army... Read More

Lore icon chp10 Chapter X: Prepare to Repel Invaders

Jolly Roger prepares his army for an invasion and ultimately, to take over the Caribbean. Dark days loom on the horizon... Read More

Lore icon chp11 Chapter XI: Ghostly Encounters

Townsfolk tell tales of restless spirits that haunt the Caribbean in search of something, or someone to help settle their souls... Read More

Lore icon chp12 Chapter Xll: Invasion of Tortuga

Jolly Roger has begun his assault on the Pirate stronghold of Tortuga. Read More

Lore icon chp13 Chapter XIII: John and Constance Reunite for Eternity

Wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit, the humble farmer John Moses met his end on the gallows. Read More

Lore padres invasion icon Chapter XIV: Invasion of Padres del Fuego

Jolly is up to his old tricks once again as he leads an all-out assault on Padres del Fuego. Only this time, he has some explosive help... Read More

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