Pirates Online Closing was the final event that occurred within Pirates Online. The event started on August 20th, 2013 and ended when Pirates Online closed on September 19th, 2013. Each week up until the closing, new content or a special event was added to the game.


Each week, the Pirates Online Crew added new content to the game up to the closing. Some of the content stayed in the game until closing, and others only stayed during that week.

Permanent Additions

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Temporary Additions

Week One

Week Two

Week Three


During the event, previous peddler outfits were re-released at a large cadence per week.

Week One

MayPeddler2011.png French Fencer.jpg Rogue Privateer.png PeddlerSetSept.png PeddlerSetJune.png
French Fencer Rogue Privateer Capt. Black French Assassin
PeddlerSetJuly.png Peacock
Snapdragon Peacock

Week Two

ChinaSeasWarrior.png SeaSerpent.png BountyHunters.png Rogue Privateer.png Admiral outfit.jpg
Seas Warrior
Sea Serpent Bounty Hunter Rogue Privateer Admiral
Winter Festival.jpg
Winter Festival

Week Three

ChinaSeasWarrior.png PeddlerSet11.png Town Mayor's Outfit March.jpg BountyHunters.png HalloweenSetFied.png
Seas Warrior
Raven's Cove
Merchant Voyager Bounty Hunter Garb of
the Undead
Rogue Privateer.png SeaSerpent.png
Rogue Privateer Sea Serpent

News Posts Regarding the Event

Poc title closing.gif

September 18th - Farewell and Fairest of Winds

POTCO Fair Winds!.png

September 12th - The Muertos Moon Rises Friday

News 9-12-13.png

September 6th - Eerie Chill Spreads Across the Caribbean

News Post.png

August 30th - A Jolly Week with More Merry Gifts

News 08-30-13.png

August 23rd - Double XP & Treasure Chest of Codes!

News 08-23-13.png

August 20th - Important News From Pirates Online

Mark ye well, mates –
Pirates of the Caribbean Online will be closing on September 19, 2013.
From now until September 19, 2013, ALL Pirates can log into Pirates Online and enjoy full Unlimited Access for free!

We sincerely thank every savvy scoundrel, swift-footed swashbuckler, kindly cutthroat, and plunderin’ Pirate on the high seas for your tremendous enthusiasm and loyal support for Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

To learn more about Pirates Online closing click here, or visit our Pirates Online Closing FAQs for even further information.

Keep a weather eye here on the Current News for festive events and a few swashbucklin’ surprises sailing yer way during the next weeks.

First on deck, fireworks herald a final month of Double Gold AND Double Plunder!
Not only do you earn twice the gold every day, yer also twice as likely to find loot when defeating enemies, and you earn DOUBLE the amount of materials from sinking Warships and Bounty Hunters at sea.

Now steer a course for full, free unlimited access to every corner of the Caribbean, mates!

Warning 36x32.gif

The Crew @ Pirates Online

Potco style bottom.gif

Event News Pop-Ups

There were a variety of unique news pop-ups that appeared during the course of the event.

FreeUApopup.png DoubleGoldClosingPopUp.png
DoublePlunderClosingPopUp.png DoubleRepEveryoneStart.png
Warm Tides.png
Supernatural Chill PopUp.png
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