The Pirate Lords, from the four corners of the Earth, must stand together.

A Pirate Lord is one of the membership of the Brethren Court. To prevent buccaneers from infighting and thereby making their trade much more difficult, as well maintain organization against their enemies - the most powerful pirate captains formed the Court. Each one holds a Piece of Eight as a symbol of their membership and would pass it down to an heir.

The Lords meet in times of dire need at Shipwreck Cove.

The Lords agreed to set down the Pirata Codex to maintain order amongst the thieves.

Additionally, the Lords also make appearances throughout the game; some are seen in quests, as well as in the Nine Rogues treasure collection.

The nine rogues

Pirate Lords

  • Captaine Chevalle - Pirate Lord of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Captain Barbossa - Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea
  • Mistress Ching - Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean
  • Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea
  • Gentleman Jocard - Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Sao Feng - Pirate Lord of the South China Sea
  • Sri Sumbhajee - Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean
  • Ammand the Corsair - Pirate Lord of the Black Sea
  • Eduardo Villanueva - Pirate Lord of the Adriatic Sea
Note - When Sao Feng died, Elizabeth Swann took his place at the Fourth Brethren Court and became the new Pirate King for the impending war with the East India Trading Company and the Flying Dutchman.


  • Jolly Roger once tried to obtain the position of Pirate Lord of the Caribbean, by intending to win Jack Sparrow's piece of eight. However, Sparrow outsmarted Roger and thus started their feud - which continues to this day after Roger was cursed by the gypsy Amo Dorsi.
  • There is a treasure collection in the game known as the Nine Rogues. These have to be attained at level 16.
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