Weapon Card
Pirate Doll Card
Unique ability Powerful
Attack power 25
Cost Quest Reward / 6,400g
Rarity Rare
Required level Voodoo Doll 15
Value 150 Gold
Weapon Model
Bane C

A Pirate Doll is a Rare voodoo doll that has the Powerful damage modification ability. It can be found after completing the Weapon Upgrade: Pirate Doll Quest. The Pirate Doll is modeled after Captain Barbossa.

It can also be purchased at a voodoo Quest Reward Vendor. if the quest has already been completed.

  • Attack Power: 25
  • Abilities: Powerful 3
  • Level Required: Doll 15
  • Cost 6,400 gold (At Quest Reward Vendors)
  • Resale Value: 120 gold

Game Notes

  • The Pirate Doll used to be a Crude Item in the original Pirates Online. It was upgraded in The Legend of Pirates Online to be more comparable to other Rare items.

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