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The Pirate Directory is a search engine on the Pirates of the Caribbean Online website. You can search for individual pirates such as Captain Xavier Hench, a Guild name such as the Marceline Guild, or a D name. (Disney Account Name)

Note: The Pirate Directory is not always not up to date, properly displaying Guilds, Images, or Ships. So take the information with a grain of salt.

Locate a Pirate or Guild

When you search it will bring up all results for the name entered. Remember, there could be dozens of Jack Wildshots! Click on a name and it will bring up the pirate's profile.


You can also search for guilds - just click on a name and it will bring up a window containing guild details; guild creation date, members, their levels, and their ranks.

Guild window

Pirate Profile

You can click on their name for complete in-depth information or the guild name to view all the current members!


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If you type in a D-Name, it will show all of the person's pirates. You must type in a valid D-Name, and not a Guest D-Name for this to work. If the D-Name you are searching for belongs to an account that has been terminated then that D-Name will have been reverted to its original Guest D-Name and will no longer be searchable.


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Click on the image bellow to visit the Directory!
Pirate Directory1
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