Weapon Card
Break attack Stun Shot Rank 2
Boost(s) Take Aim +2

Venom Shot +1

Attack power 61
Barrels 1
Group Grand Blunderbuss Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Range Short
Rarity Rare
Required level Gun 18
Value 208 Gold
Weapon Model
Blunderbuss B

The Pirate Blunderbuss is a very powerful, rare weapon. This Blunderbuss requires some skill to use but gives the wielder the Stun Shot Break Attack, and also a Take Aim and Venom Shot boost. Although this weapon is quite powerful, it only requires a level 18 gun skill to use.

Grand Blunderbuss Group

Navy Blunderbuss EITC Blunderbuss Screenshot 2010-11-01 07-33-04 Grand Blunder - clearer

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