Weapon Card
Pigsticker Bayonet
Boost(s) Bayonet Stab Boost +1
Healing ability Healing Boost Rank 2
Attack power 41
Barrels 1
Group Brigadier's Bayonet Musket Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Range Long
Rarity Rare
Required level 13
Value ??? Gold
Weapon Model

The Pig Sticker Bayonet is a Rare Bayonet that gives the wielder a Healing Boost along with a boost to the Bayonet Stab skill.

As with all bayonets, this firearm is great for far-range shooting while still useful in close combat.

Weapon Group: Sticker Bayonet Group

Shark Sticker Bayonet Group

Crab Sticker Bayonet 2010-12-06 Pigsticker Bayonet Gator Sticker Bayonet 2010-12-05 Shark Sticker Bayonet

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