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Phineas Fowl
Phineas Fowl rare boss
Enemy type Mercenary
Faction East India Trading Company
Health 10250-13,750
Level(s) 23-30
Location(s) Beckett's Quarry, Fort Charles, Catacombs
Weapon(s) used Cutlass

Phineas Fowl is a quite powerful EITC Mercenary Boss, spotted at Beckett's Quarry, Fort Charles, the Catacombs, and at the entrance of the jail in Kingshead.

This professional killer appears as Level 23-30, so beware! Also he has been known to appear on EITC flagships, of all levels, so be careful!

Game Note

Phineas Fowl could be named after Artemis Fowl, the protagonist of a series of children's books featuring Artemis Fowl the Second, a young criminal genius with super-villain intentions and abilities.

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