Stick Pirates
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Taking a screen shot is very easy once you know how. Here are some tips to taking one. :D

-When using a Dell computer try pressing F9. You will then see some confusing words at the bottom. If you read them closely they will tell you where you find your screenshots. You will have to go under your Computer file, and there will be an icon; OS (C:) click it and there will be a huge list of icons and folders. This will be quite confusing but press the 'Program Files'. You will find another list of folders. Click one that says Disney. You will come to a folder that says Disney Online, again click it and finally you will come to a folder with 'Pirates Online' once you have opened that file you may see lots and lots of files that you don't need to open because they are useless if you are just trying to your screenshots folder. At the top you will see a folder named 'Screenshots' for easier use you could move it to your documents folder or desktop. Once you have pressed F9 they will go straight to that folder.

  • Is you sometimes see there can be a lots of useless words on your POTCO screen when you take a screenshot. But instead you can simply press F12 and they will disappear. Then you can take your screen.
  • On Window's 7 computers you might have to press the "Fn" button for the screen to works for the F1- F12 are function keys. Also on Window's 7 you can search for a "Snip Tool" in your start menu that will let you 'snip' what you want.

Hope this was helpful :D

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