Boss Icon
Patricio Luckless
Skeleton 4
Enemy type Undead Gypsy
Faction Undead
Level(s) 29
Location(s) Patricio's Potions
Weapon(s) used Voodoo Doll

Patricio Luckless is a Undead Gypsy boss residing in Tortuga Graveyard in his shop, Patricio's Potions.

The pirate must confront Patricio as part of the A Hexed Sparrow quest during the St. Patrick's Day holiday. During the quest, the pirate is trying create a new lucky charm for Captain Jack Sparrow.

Tia Dalma sends the pirate to find Patricio, fearing he may become a victim of Jolly Roger and his latest scheme. Sadly, the voodoo mistress is right; Patricio has become undead - serving Jolly's whim.

He only appears during the St. Patrick's Day holiday, otherwise his shop remains empty with a spectral image of Jolly haunting the space.

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Game Note

Patrico was not part of the original Pirates Online but added later to The Legend of Pirates Online.

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