Parlor Games is part of the Lookout menu.

Lookout menu

Just like Crew Matching for PvP, this option finds a crew to join to play games like Poker and Blackjack in the Underground Parlor Games room. However, unlike other Lookout options, a pirate can jump right into the Underground Parlor room and play without having to wait for a crew to form.

To start, click on the Lookout menu or Press Tab, then select the Lookout icon.

From the Lookout menu, select Parlor Games. You will be prompted to choose either Blackjack or Poker. After selection, click Continue. After 10-30 seconds, the pirate will teleport to the Underground Parlor Games room.

This secret space appears to be inside a clandestine warehouse building where gaming tables have been set up, away from prying Navy and EITC eyes.

Underground Parlor Games

The gaming tables here behave just like those in a tavern. When you exit the building, you will return to your Port of Call island.


Parlor Games was added back into Legend of Pirates Online in the 1.14.0 update.

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