Boss Icon
Enemy type Thrall Captain
Faction Davy Jones' Crew
Health 99,000 HP
Level(s) 52
Location(s) Forsaken Shallows
Weapon(s) used Cutlass

Palifico is a Thrall Captain Boss and member of Davy Jones' Crew found in the Forsaken Shallows on Isla Tormenta. He is found at level 52 with 99,000 HP making him a very powerful Boss. Palifico can be found guarding a treasure horde in the Forsaken Shallows and attacks with a Cutlass. He is known to drop the unique Legendary Cursed Broadsword, The Lost Blade of Leviathan. He is the only enemy in the game that can drop this weapon.


Palifico's treasure horde is not so easily found the first time. Nearly toward the end of the Forsaken Shallows, take the ramp leading up away from the last cove to the left.

Palifico Map


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