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Below is the soundtrack that is played while on Padres Del Fuego.

Fathers of Fire

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"Padres Del Fuego is recognizable on sight by its towering, black-plumed volcano. This island is run by its de-facto governor, Don Victorio. Pirates and adventurers alike come here to look for ancient treasures lost in the volcano's complex cave system. The island's residents don't much like pirates, but they appreciate those who defend them from Jolly Roger's encroaching army. The East India Trading Company has recently established a silver mining operation here, but it seems that more than silver may be involved.

The name Padres Del Fuego is Spanish for "Fathers Of Fire".


  • Los Padres [1] - This quaint town on the edge of lava destruction has no enemies to fight, but every kind of merchant service you may require.
  • Fort Dundee [2] - A good place for beginners and medium-level players alike. This place has loads of Navy soldiers, ranging from Sergeants to a few officers and lots of veterans. Occasionally, you may encounter a Veteran boss here. Good for bladed weapons and voodoo, maybe not so much for grenades. The jail on Padres Del Fuego was in Fort Dundee, but has now been relocated outside.
  • Beckett's Quarry [3] - From Fort Dundee or the Catacombs, you can find yourself in this very dangerous place for medium and beginner characters. The quarry is a silver mine in which Lord Beckett's prisoners are forced to work and the quarry is populated by some of the toughest Navy and EITC mercenaries in the game. The code means you can't use your pistol, but you can dish out blades and voodoo. Two bosses are also here: Samuel, a Grunt boss, and Neban the Silent, an Assassin boss - one of the deadliest Black Guards. There have also been multiple sightings of other assorted mercenary and assassin bosses.
  • Lava Gorge [4] - You can quickly get lost traveling here between the cave entrance and the Catacombs; as you go exploring this labrynth, there are numerous undead and Spanish Undead to meet. An Undead Duelist boss has been spotted here before.
  • El Sudoron [6] - The lush jungle between Beckett's Quarry and Las Pulgas is full of hard to find critters (Stumps, Dread Scorpions, Gators, Fly Traps) as well as a Navy camp with a couple of EITC bad guys too. It is a great place to find quest enemies. Most of what is in here is good pistol practice. Blades, Pistol and Voodoo can all find plenty of opportunity. Dreadtooth, a boss Huge Alligator, can be found here resting by the watering hole. El Sudoron can be reached by entering Beckett's Quarry & following the cave trails to the far exit in the SE corner.
  • Las Pulgas ("City of Pests") [7] - On the other side of El Sudoron is a small town overrun with undead, and a few valiant Navy. The bad news is the residents are all high-level undead gypsies, undead raiders and sometimes a slasher. There are also one or two undead gravediggers. Good news? The village offers all the stores of a regular town and an escape to your ship is a short hop away. As in the quarry, mixing humans and undead makes pistol hard, but cutlass or voodoo is a good option. A group of mediums or a handful of higher-level characters can take advantage of this isolated area. General Darkhart, a very tough Undead raider boss, is here as well as Timothy Dartan, an Undead Gypsy boss. A few random bosses may appear.
  • High Seas - Padres is THE place to Turkey Shoot (firing cannons right off shore) with all kinds of heavy ships just floating by. Of course, with all the incoming and outgoing pirate traffic, it may be hard to get a target to yourself. Taking a crew out near Padres will keep you busy with numerous Navy, EITC, and Undead ships abouts.


Despite a hospitable population, Padres is the home to more enemies of pirates than ANYWHERE else in the Caribbean. Creatures stalk the caves, jungles, and even the beaches. Soldiers populate Fort Dundee and both Navy and East India troops can be found lurking in numerous places. Even the Undead have a foothold here in Las Pulgas and they aren't about to give it up! The island is meant for pirates who can take the challenge. Can you survive?


Even with the violent volcano and deadly lava flows, the island has abundant wildlife. Some of it may actually NOT want to kill you.

Royal Navy

A large contingent of Navy soldiers are based here; most at Fort Dundee but some also guard prisoners for the EITC in Beckett's Quarry and fight to free Las Pulgas from Jolly Roger's horde.

East India Trading Company

The EITC has a very strong presence here, with some of Cutler Beckett's most trusted and most deadly agents found in abundance. Don Victorio has managed to keep a loose truce so far to prevent the company from taking over completely.


Some of Jolly Roger's worst make a home here and after over-running Las Pulgas, they plan to seize more and more territory.

Spanish Skeletons

Oddly, a small contingent of Spanish dead can be found here. Likely lost souls during the founding of the island but now resurrected to serve Jolly Roger.


While many random bosses have been spotted on this island, it's also home to a number of permanent foes, some of which are the most deadly in the whole of the Caribbean. Mind your step.


Despite the impending doom of volcanic eruption, Padres is home to a large number of businesses - some of which have items that can only be found here.


The pirate will encounter a great number of characters here as part of the Chapter 1: The Black Pearl quests, and also numerous fortune quests along the way.

Quest Characters

Minor Characters

Delilah Dunsmore, Fernando, Morris, Greasegrin, Bess Wildswine, Bart Badrage, David Ropewash, Jamie Chipvane, Jeremiah Chipvane, Ned Tackfoote, Redcrash, Simon Pondeaston

Missing Characters

Bart Tackkidd, Dog Warbones, Edgar Chipburn, Isaiah McPratt, Jason Calicobutler, Marc Badmorrigan, Samuel Wildbeard, Simon Coalmorrigan, Thomas Sharkspinner


PDF Digs.png

Beckett's Quarry

Bekkets Digs.png


Catacombs Digs.png

Lava Gorge

LavaGorge digs.png

El Sudoron

El Sudoron Dig Map.png

Note: Green Dots, equal dig spots

See more at Dig Spot.

Mini Games

Pirates can play additional Mini Games to earn extra gold while on Padres.

  • Ship Repair - Go see the Shipwright to get paid to fix ships.
  • Potions - Stop by any Gypsy on the island to make your own magic tonics.
  • Cannon Defense - Man the guns! Protect the island's riches! The town fool put all the gold on the shore and there are bandits trying to steal it! The Cannon Defense tower is located just outside of Fort Dundee.
  • Fishing
  • Blackjack
  • Poker


Storage Container Locations

Fort Dundee

Storage Crates

Screenshot 2010-10-30 07-00-52.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 07-00-41.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 07-00-18.jpg
On the top of the fort near a wall. On the top of the fort near a staircase. On the top of the fort near a stash of barrels.

Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-47.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-12.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-58-17.jpg
Near the desk room. Near a wall on the lower level of the fort. At a dead end, go left after continuing straight after entering the fort.

Storage Barrels

Screenshot 2010-10-30 07-01-09.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 07-00-31.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-56.jpg
On the upper level of the fort. On the upper level of the fort. Near a flight of stairs leading to the top of the fort.
Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-41.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-23.jpg
In front of the desk room. Near the path to where you head to the desk room.

Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-03.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-58-54.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-58-33.jpg
Near a wall that can be seen when you enter. Continue straight after entering the fort. At a dead end if you go left and continuing straight past the entrance.
Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-58-03.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-57-55.jpg
Near a covered area, turn left after entering the fort. Turn directly left after entering the fort.

Beckett's Quarry

Storage Crate

Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-42-24.jpg Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-42-49.jpg Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-43-50.jpg
Near Samuel. Near Samuel Shaw. On the path of going downhill to El Sudoron
Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-44-15.jpg Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-45-09.jpg Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-46-34.jpg
Near the intersection to El Sudoron. Near the Mercenary group, Near Jeremiah Chipvane.
Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-47-02.jpg
Near the Catacombs entrance.

Storage Barrels

Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-42-40.jpg Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-43-41.jpg Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-44-22.jpg
Near Samuel Shaw. Near the downward hill to El Sudoron. Near the intersection while going to El Sudoron.
Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-44-27.jpg
Near the intersection while going to El Sudoron.

Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-45-32.jpg Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-46-08.jpg Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-47-12.jpg
In the hallway of Dragoons and Mercenaries. In the area of Samuel. In front of the Catacombs entance.
Screenshot 2010-11-27 07-47-26.jpg
Near the intersection in front of the Catacombs entrance.


The next target of Jolly Roger's invasions (after Port Royal and Tortuga) was Padres Del Fuego (matching the progression happened with island destruction).

The target here is the central town area, which Jolly will attack to make the walls fall. The reason for this invasion is the presence of a cache of weapons left by the Spanish Conquistadors many moons ago. They have come back to get it and will do anything to achieve their goal!

Also see Invasion

Game Notes

  • Padres is the only island where one can find the Volcano Potion Ingredients. Some potions can only be made here.
  • It is believed that Boiling Bay, which is the spawning area for ships, is the only place you can catch the Fire Dragon
  • Its volcano erupts exactly once every hour, but when it does, it does not do harm to the player or the surrounding villages.
  • If you are inside the Lava Gorge when the volcano erupts,, there is rarely a bug that makes you not see the ground shake.


On April 8, 2009 - the island layout was changed dramatically by the game developers to fit the needs of low graphic computers in terms of performance issues. The entire layout including the volcano has been beautifully modified as well. Gamewise, this could be part of the EITC conspiracies or the volcano lava flows are increasing and running right through populated parts of the island! Some say the lava poured into an area in the quarry where the EITC was storing black powder, to take on pirates. It triggered an uproar and rise of raids on EITC ships, which had also increased in numbers, and led to a massive naval confrontation. Click here for more


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Old Layout

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