Island Outcast
Below is the soundtrack that is played while on Outcast Isle.
Music outcast

Outcast Isle is a little island home to only two things, Ancient Fly Traps and Stumps. Though it is the farthest point southwest, the island is a good mid-point between Cuba and Padres Del Fuego.


Beach - Most players come to this remote island for Stumps. There are three on one of the atolls and it's easy to stand at the shoreline and pull two of them to you. Stumps give great reputation points and you can use your entire arsenal on them. But, best not to go alone unless you're 28+.

High Seas - Mostly mid-level vessels are between Isla Tormenta and Outcast. But, between Outcast and Padres - a large number of dangerous and high-level warships can be found, including the massive Royal Navy Colossus flagships.




Dig Spots

Out 1 Out 2

Digspot #1: Lies on center island looking towards the

island with Dog Lockgrim and stumps.

Digspot #2: Lies on the island with Dog Lockgrim and

stumps next to a pile of rocks that end in a dead end

Out 3

Digspot #3: Lies on the center island right next to an

Ancient Fly Trap and looks toward's Devil Root's island.

Easter Egg

The Prison Dog makes a cameo on a small inaccessible island (far right) whose purpose is supposed to just be a fun easter egg. This same "dog with the keys" also appears in the jail in Rambleshack where the player first starts out.


The Dog, sitting atop an island at Outcast Island.


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