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Open Fire is a Sailing skill that temporarily increases all Cannon and Broadside damage by 50% for a few seconds as the captain coordinates his/her crew's guns. This skill is unlocked at Sailing Skill - Level 10. When the captain calls it out, cannons fired will have glowing cannonballs to indicate the skill is in use.

To use this skill, press the number '5' key on your keyboard or click on the Open Fire icon OpenFire from your screen while you are sailing.

Increasing this skill increases the amount of time the guns do more damage. Duriation is likely to change

Rank Duration
1 6 Sec.
2 7 Sec.
3 9 Sec.
4 10 Sec.
5 12 Sec.
Only with Offensive Rigging Boost
6 12 Sec. ATM
7 12 Sec. ATM
Only with Sailing Item Boost and Offensive Rigging Boost
8 12 Sec. ATM


  • Using the Take Cover skill will interrupt the Open Fire skill.
  • Currently the only known sailing items that will increase this rank beyond rank 5 is the Mutineer's Charm and the Norrington's Spyglass. While using these items does increase your rank, it appears that the damage duration is not improved.
Open Fire Level 5
Open Fire Level 6
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