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Officers are the commanders of ships and foot soldiers in the Royal Navy. These brave and skillful soldiers show the might and force of the British Navy- whether leading ranks in Kingshead or protecting the upper reaches of Fort Dundee, they can make many a pirate tremble in their boots. A pirate should avoid dealing with them unless they are fairly skilled.

Commonly appearing at levels 18-45 (Health 1,550 - 4,150), officers are very skilled with the cutlass.

Game Notes: These levels can vary on flagships as the levels of enemies on flagships change depending on you and your crew's notoriety level.

A contingent of high-ranking officers (levels 33-44) can be found guarding the Black Pearl during the Black Pearl Boss Battle.


  • Stab - The person performs a fast lunging stab with the blade aimed at the enemy's midsection.
  • Thrust - The person rears back, spins the blade in the air for dramatic flair, and suddenly lurches forward at frightening speed, driving their blade into the enemy's stomach.
  • Flourish - The person performs 3 graceful sword slashes that go in a triangular motion.
  • Coupe de Grace - The person performs 2 quick cuts from left to right as a distraction, then suddenly lurches at the enemy, their blade going for the enemy's stomach.
  • Lunge - The person performs a slow but fancy lunge.
  • Riposte - The person does a quick swipe with their blade, countering their enemy's previous attack.
  • Flurry - The person performs 3 quick but dangerous sword slashes that go in a figure-8 motion.
  • Sweep - The person does a complete, 360-degree spin with their blade out-stretched, slashing any enemy nearby.
  • Double Cut - The person performs two basic sword cuts going from right to left.



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