Not in the Face!
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Not in the Face! is a special weapon skill found in some Swords, Daggers, Guns, and Voodoo Dolls. The pirate shouts "Not in the Face!" and ducks back, avoiding an attack. When used, there is a chance that the enemy will hopefully stop attacking you and move on to another opponent, and if you are running away, there is a chance the enemy will not follow, making it easier to disengage an enemy in a hurry. The weapon skill is found on weapons traditonally used by robbers or killers without a code of honor or moral code. Not in the Face! charges over time when the weapon is equipped.


These weapons have the Not in the Face! ability.


Cabin Boy's Cutlass - clearer Poisoned Cutlass 2010-12-06 Venomed Cutlass Assassin's Cutlass


Scoundrel's Pistol Group

Scallywag's Pistol Robbers Pistol 2010-12-16 Scoundrel's Pistol - clearer


Scoundrel's Musket Group

Scallywag's Musket Robber's Musket Scoundrel's musket

Throwing Knives

Scoundrel's Knifes Group

Scallywag's Knives Robber's Knives - clearer Scoundrel's Knives - clearer

Voodoo Dolls

Domination Group

HypnoticDoll Manipulation Doll Mind Control Doll - clearer Domination Doll - clearer

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