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This Newsletters page will list all email newsletters sent out in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean Online during the year of 2009. But, for the latest information - also check Pirates Online or Pirates Forums!

August Game Insider

Potco email august09 top

Notoriety and Weapon Skill Levels Increasing

Icon level gold 02

Exciting New Challenges Ahead!

Incredible new additions are coming to Pirates Online -- like the introduction of higher level enemies! To defeat these monsters you'll need more experience - which means the Notoriety level for all Pirates (currently capped at Level 40) will be raised. Find out more about these and other exciting game improvements that are coming in a few short weeks!

Explore a NEW Underworld
New Cave Environments Coming Soon!

Icon explore new underworld
As part of the ongoing improvements to Pirates Online, you'll soon be able to explore bigger, badder, and creepier cave environments! Beware! Once you enter the NEW redesigned caves, you cross into the underworld of the Caribbean -- a place where new higher-level enemies like Jolly Roger's minions and mystic sages rule!

Icon bigger badder meaner

Bigger, Badder, Meaner!
New Enemies Invading the Islands

New enemies have been spotted roaming the islands - doing whatever they can to stop you from becoming the most notorious Pirate in the Caribbean. Ruthless Executioners, vile Ancient Flytraps, nasty Navy Marines, and other beasties will now challenge you in your quest for fame and fortune! See what you're in store for ...

Icon guild spotlight

Guild Spotlight
The Emerald Sea Gang

This month we put the spotlight on a collection of rascals, knaves, and scoundrels known as the Emerald Sea Gang. Help us salute these fine Pirates!

Icon horizon2
Icon newsletter exclusiveDuring a recent gathering of Gypsy mystics, island spirits were heard to whisper Jolly Roger is on the move once again - and that he is planning an invasion! Exactly where, no one knows because Jolly's magic is so powerful that he vexes the spirits and often misleads them. But they are sure about this ... expect an invasion of the main islands soon - and be prepared to fight mate ... for the islands, and - for your very soul!

Sidenav aug----

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July Game Insider

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Introducing the Revive System
Help Fellow Pirates Stay Out of Jail

Because you asked for it, we've developed a new Revive System to keep your mates and guild members from staying "unconscious" and being carried off to jail by the Navy when defeated during important battles. Learn how it works.

Revive System

Most Enemies Defeated Competition
Ranking the Strongest Guild in the Caribbean

Icon most enemies defeated
So you think your guild is the toughest, strongest, and bravest band of buccaneers in the Caribbean, do you? Then put your guild up to the task of proving it!

Player Spotlight
Meet Pretty Polly

Icon player spotlight

This month - we spotlight Pretty Polly. Polly is a very experienced level 40 Pirate that has been sailing in the Caribbean since Pirates first arrived here in the islands. Pretty Polly is a Founder who helped lead raids on EITC ships in the battle off Padres Del Fuego, but she's also willing to lend a helping hand to a fellow Pirate to complete a quest or take on other adventure. We salute Pretty Polly of the McRaging and Founders Guild.

On the Horizon
Get a Sneak Peek at Upcoming Features

Icon on the horizon
We recently updated players about recent changes to the game and gave some insight on where Pirates Online is headed. Make sure to read the latest Developer Diary for a sneak peek at upcoming features and content. You don't want to miss this!

Crew Days Continue
Find a Crew, Make a Friend

Icon crew days

Looking to join a crew or maybe even start one? Then join us weekly for Crew Days. You'll meet Pirates from all walks of life (maybe even a GM or two) ready to crew and set off for adventure!

Moved Your Home Port?
Stay Connected to the Caribbean

Icon moved your home
Are you now making camp on a new island? If you are, let us know! In other words, if you have recently moved, make sure you update your account information with your new address. If you have been issued a new credit card, make sure to update your account as well, this too ensures you won't have an interruption in service.

Island Chatter - Newsletter Exclusive
Noteworthy News and Happenings Around the Caribbean

Icon island chatter

Noticed an increase of Undead activity around the islands? Pirates from the Marceline guild have reported seeing Jolly Roger and his minions performing magic rituals to gather their power - and prepare for an invasion! The gypsies agree -- they too have seen signs as to how Jolly Roger is trying to get his hands on a mystical amulet that will increase his powers, in preparation for an attack.

Why the recent aggression? Jolly Roger has been long frustrated that Pirates fought back against him and the curse he brought down on the Caribbean last year. Now rumors are circling that Jolly Roger has sided with Lord Beckett and the EITC as part of his evil plan ... Properly warned ye be.

Sidenav july 09----

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June Game Insider

Potco email june09 top

Win 30 Days of Unlimited Access
Celebrate Summer, Courtesy of Comcast

Icon comcast v2

Throughout the month of June, our friends at Comcast are giving you a chance to win 30 days of Unlimited Access to Pirates Online! With Unlimited Access, you can fully customize your Pirate, captain bigger and better ships, and access all the Caribbean has to offer!

To enter, just register your account for the chance to win. Make sure to provide a working e-mail address so that we can let you know if you've won. Hurry though, 10,000 winners will be randomly selected throughout the month of June - time is running out! Enter today!

Father's Day Quest Returns!
Quest for Captain Teague

Icon fathersday

Help Captain Jack Sparrow find dear old Dad. Captain Teague, keeper of the Pirate Codex, is missing! Rumor has it -- he's been abducted by the Navy as part of the EITC's plan to capture Pirates responsible for recent raids on EITC ships! Back by popular demand, this Father's Day Quest returns starting June 17 and will be available through Father's Day, June 21. Complete it and you'll earn a limited time x2 Reputation reward!

Go Incognito as a Stowaway
Hazardous Waters Cause for New Transportation

Icon stowaway

The EITC has been conducting more patrols and looking for Pirates responsible for sinking EITC ships in the Caribbean. Those patrols have made the waters around the islands a bit more hazardous. Pirates trying to avoid a run-in with the EITC are now being smuggled on ships by becoming Stowaways. Learn how to be a Stowawayand about the origins of Stowaways.

Crew Days Continue
Join a Crew, Make a Friend

Icon crew up v2
Don't forget Crew Days! Every Friday and Saturday night from 7-8 PM Pacific Time, in Antiros and Baraba Oceans, on Port Royal Beach (where Shipwright Darby Drydock is located), Pirates meet to join crews and share tales of adventure. More details.

Icon guild

Guild Spotlight
Meet Black Bart's Krewe

This month we salute Black Bart's Krewe! Led by the notorious LVL 40 Bartholomew Foulsteel, Black Bart's Krewe is a band of nearly 200 rascals and knaves, some of which rank in the top 50 players for overall enemies defeated. A guild of strong Pirates like, Combat Lizzy, Charlotte Firemenace, Molly Bluesilver, and Redfury -- they're not only handy dealing with undead skeletons, but also reach out a hand to help those in need. Many a Pirate's quest (like the liberation of the Black Pearl) has been completed with this guild's help!

Customer Service Update
Improving Your Guest Experience

Icon service

We're constantly improving all aspects of the game. Based on your feedback, we've recently made several changes to Customer Support, the player chat experience, and account security.

Island Chatter
Noteworthy News and Other Recent Happenings Around the Caribbean

Icon eitc guard

The EITC Black Guard is still roaming the Caribbean in search of Pirates responsible for raids on EITC ships! Pirates that have encountered the Black Guard are reporting that these EITC soldiers are protected by a strange power that makes weapons and magic useless on them! Is the EITC now allied with Jolly Roger? Have you had an encounter with the Black Guard, what do you think is happening?

Sidenav june 09----

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May Game Insider

Potco email may09 top

Shipwrights to Offer New Ship Names
New Ship Names Announced

Icon shipwrights

A ship is a Pirate's home away from home. It's "your freedom" as Captain Jack Sparrow once said, so it should be no surprise that naming the craft holds a special place in any Pirate's heart.

Winning Names:
Siren Avenger
Morning Rose
Iron Viking
Midnight Wrath
Falcon Maelstrom
Wicked Chariot
Golden Griffin
Floundering Witch
Mystical Star
Lightning Dog
Sun Ransom
Fighting Banshee
Minnow Mariner
Star Phoenix
Rebel Widow
Mermaid Nemesis
Enchantress Starlight
Strider Guardian

These new names will soon be available in game.

Introducing Crew Up Days
Don't Pillage and Plunder Alone

Icon crew up
Crewing is not only a great way to meet new friends, but it has other advantages as well. By being in a crew, you get reputation bonuses and faster level increases, plus crews can help you complete Quests and other tasks quicker. Looking to join or start a crew? Then join us for Crew Up Days.

The Black Guard Cometh
EITC Henchman Now Serving Arrest Warrants

Icon on eitc captn

Have you had a run-in with the Black Guard? This elite band of EITC Mercenaries are currently searching the Caribbean for members of the Marceline guild and their leader, Captain Walter. Why? These Pirates helped lead raids against EITC ships and the Black Guard have been given orders by Lord Beckett to bring these "criminals," (Beckett's words not ours), into custody.

Guild Spotlight
The Marceline Guild

Icon walter2
A guild is a group of Pirates united for a common cause, working together guilds can be a powerful force. The Marceline guild is a band of scoundrels, rascals, and knaves led by GM Captain Walter. The Marceline guild was the first to warn Pirates of Jolly Roger's Curse, the guild also helped organize the Founder Brethren and other Pirates of the Caribbean in the recent attacks on EITC ships. What has your guild done lately?

Island Chatter
Noteworthy News and Other Recent
Happenings Around the Caribbean

Icon chickens

Remember the explosion that rocked Tortuga? It scattered Big Phil's chickens to the winds but that didn't stop heartbroken Phil from feeding those missing chickens every day in hopes that they would return. Well, old Phil's plan worked! His chickens finally came home to roost!

Pirates were recently spotted showing off their Mother's Day tattoos in the Faithful Bride - the tattoos were part of our annual Mother's Day Celebration - did you get yours? ... Butcher Brown is asking Pirates to please stop leaving their half eaten ribs near his shop. It seems the ribs are attracting flies ...

On the Horizon

Icon horizon2
Captain Teague (Jack's Sparrow's father) has a bad habit of getting lost. This may be because he lacks an internal compass or any compass for that matter! Help Jack Sparrow find dear old Dad in our Father's Day Quest that returns next month.
Sidenav may 09----

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April Game Insider

Potco email april09 top

Rewards for All in April
Experience all the Caribbean has to Offer

Unlimited Access for ALL: April 17, 18 & 19

Basic Access players will have

a chance to preview all the Caribbean has to offer when we upgrade your accounts to Unlimited Access for a limited time!

Double Reputation for Unlimited Access: April 24, 25 & 26

When you upgrade to Unlimited, you'll be able to enjoy the items and notoriety you've earned, plus get Double Reputation! (For paid Unlimited Access members only.) Get all the details here.

See all the benefits of Unlimited Access and become a member of the Crew today!

Icon unlimited access

State of the Caribbean
A Pirate's Progress Report

Icon state of carib Three months ago we shared our plans for the year. We told you how, based on your feedback, we were making improvements to the game and why. Having just gotten through a large portion of this work and with your feedback in hand we're plotting a course for the future.

Bullet burgandy Although the Pirates look identical, the Pirate in front has less polygons.

Recent Raids Are a Success, EITC Stands Down
Thanks to Founders and GMs

A tip of our tricorn (hat) to the following Founders:

Bullet burgandy Lawrence Swordhawk
Bullet burgandy Dracon
Bullet burgandy Grace Goldeagle
Bullet burgandy Achilles
Bullet burgandy Linda Macmorgan
Bullet burgandy Nathan
Bullet burgandy Ensign Sarah T
Bullet burgandy Maggie Wildthorn
Bullet burgandy James Seafury
Bullet burgandy Pretty Polly
Bullet burgandy Trader Sam
Bullet burgandy Rachel Mcginty
Bullet burgandy Constance Redbones
Bullet burgandy Captain Grizzly Blackwater

Icon trader sam

You and other Founders answered the call to form crews and lead attacks on EITC ships, helping GMs like Captain Walter, Phillipe Gaston and Sandra Tew - your help was invaluable to the cause and as a result the EITC has taken notice.

Jesters and Spies
Tomfoolery, Tricks, Tall Tales

Icon spy As spring blooms, April brings hijinks and rumors to the Caribbean. The Caribbean is always full of rumors, but there's one circulating now around the islands about Pirate spies! Keep a watchful eye mate, they've been sent by the EITC to disrupt Pirate activity any way they can! Have you been sent on a strange errand with promise of great reward? As a Rule of Thumb - if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is. Read about Caribbean spies here.

The EITC Tax Man
Take What They Can, Give Nothing Back!

In order to make up for all their recent losses, the EITC is taxing Pirates into the poor house and taking those taxes back to the Company's headquarters in London. Every good and able-bodied Pirate should consider it their duty to continue to sink as many EITC ships as they can. Take a stand Pirates - assemble your Crews and attack the EITC! If we don't fight back, expect the EITC to send reinforcements and we don't want that. Icon eitc2

Icon hardtimes Relief for Hard Times
When the Going Gets Tough ...

Times are tough all over, and even the Caribbean is feeling the pinch. With the recent taxes and ships laden with rich plunder fewer and farther between, heck, it's almost getting where a Pirate has to take a second job plundering just to stay afloat! Even in these tight times we know it's important to release your inner-pirate!

Want Unlimited Access but can't afford it? We'll be picking 20 Basic Access accounts and upgrading them to Unlimited Access for 3 months. Find out how you can get your Basic account upgraded to Unlimited for FREE!

Sidenav april----

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March Game Insider

Potco email mar09 top

Founders and GMs Now Recruiting Crews
EITC Threaten Pirate's Way of Life

Icon walter The EITC continues to deny that they've been planning an all-out attack on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Still, EITC forces are growing and recently Pirates have noticed suspicious activity (like that seen in the days before the destruction of old Port Royal and old Tortuga) by the Company near Padres Del Fuego.

Green Seas Announce Spring
Algae Bloom? Or Shamus O' Malley?

Spring arrived in the Caribbean and with it came a sea of green. Legend says it's a natural event, algae bloom they call it. They also say it's an omen, as green seas signal the coming of large sea creatures, such as whales ... and giant squids.

Live the Pirate's Life Contest Winners
Pirates Shot Videos, Not Cannons!

Icon contest winner

Scrap Clippercraft played five different Pirates in his Grand Prize winning video

It was our biggest contest to date with the Grand Prize winner getting a chance to celebrate the Pirate's Life at the Disneyland Resort and meet the Pirates Online crew!

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared your "Pirate's life" with us. We received many amazing videos and enjoyed them all but there can only be one Grand Prize winner! Here now, are the winners of the Live the Pirate's Life Contest:

Grand Prize Winner: Scrap Clippercraft
Won a trip to the Disneyland Resort, a chance to meet the Pirates Online crew, a stay in the Pirates of the Caribbean Suite at the Disneyland Hotel and much, much more!

First Prize Winners:

(Won an Apple MacBook)
Grace Goldeagle
Henry Wildhawk
LaDonna Sunhogge
Rachael Treasureskull
Sandy Seashore

Second Place Winners:

(Won an iPod Nano)
Bianca Wicker
Buccanneer Jimbodiny
Chessie Black
Eric Burnhayes
Jack Stormhawk
Nicholas, Peety
Robert Shipsilver
Scurvy Amelia

Congratulations Scrap, and to all our winners! Thanks to those that participated!

Check out Grand Prize and First Place videos, as well as screenshots of all the winners.

Icon contest prizes New & Improved
More Information, Better Presentation

When is the last time you visited Just like the game, we're making improvements to our Web site too.

We've made it easier for you to find information and get the latest news. The site is truly a destination for all things Pirates Online and features a newly designed Grog Blog (we've also made it easier to share your feedback with us and your mates), Leader boards, Polls and more! And we're still not done - in the months ahead you'll see new sections and more improvements. Visit the site now.

Icon on website

Sea Shanty Song Submissions -- Final Day for Entries!
"Come all ye young fellows that follows the sea"

Icon shanty Today is the last day to enter your very own Sea Shanty. Most sea shanty songs are a call and response song sung to coordinate the work aboard a ship. We've received many great shanties and look forward to yours, submit them now before it's too late!

Icon on horizon On the Horizon ...

We hear you! Pirates like to collect stuff, so naturally being able to carry more things - and possibly even trading these things with other players - is something we know all Pirates are very interested in. In response to your comments for a better inventory system, we're currently working on major improvements to Inventory. When these changes come online in the middle of the year, you'll have more places to store effects like clothing, hats, and other items. Plus, we'll be releasing new items and effects to customize your Pirate. Keep an eye on the Newsletter for more information about this update!

February 2009's Top 5----

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February Game Insider

Potco email feb09 top

Mardi Gras - February 20 Thru 24
Get Ready to Party - Like a Pirate!

Icon mardi gras It's part Pirate carnival and part celebration, highlighted, of course, by fireworks, fellowship, and parades - It's Mardi Gras. We're having a grand old time in the Caribbean this year. Join us in the days leading up to and on Fat Tuesday (February 24) for fun, surprises, and celebration!

Join us!

Submit Entries for the Ship Naming Contest
A Ship By Any Other Name ...

A ship holds a special place in every Pirate's heart, and naming that special craft is just as important as choosing one. That's why we're expanding the Shipwright's Ship Naming Menu! Is there a special name you'd like to see in the Shipwright's selections? Then climb onboard the Grog Blog and suggest one. Icon ship contest

Be My Valentine - Pirates Help Spark Romance
"The Ocean Be My True Love .."

Icon valentine Thanks to our Unlimited Access Members who brought together lost loves of the Caribbean! You quested for Sid Tackem (poor old Sid, a fine Pirate, but not very comfortable meeting the ladies) and got a special limited-edition Valentine clothing item for your efforts! Keep your eye on the horizon for more story and holiday Quests.

EITC Plots and Port Royal's Destruction
"Properly Warned Ye Be ..."

Rumors still abound in the islands about the EITC's plan to mount an all-out attack on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Recently, Captain Walter of the Marceline guild has been leading raids on EITC ships and has been encouraging other Pirates to do the same. Now Pirates are turning their eyes toward Tortuga where the EITC has been seen unloading unmarked crates and barrels of "goods."

Read more in Lore.

Icon eitc

Live the Pirate's Life Anniversary Contest Contest Ends - Now Selecting Winners{|

Icon video contest Our Live the Pirate's Life Contest has just ended, and we'd like to take a moment to thank all the Pirates who sent in videos showing us how they live the Pirate's life. From Sparrow wannabes to ship-sailing captains, you're all certainly living the Pirates life! In the next few weeks, we'll plunder through all the entries and share with you the winners!

On the Horizon ...Welcome to the first installment of our "On the Horizon" section which will keep you in-the-know about new & upcoming updates to Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
  • The Pirates Online Web site becomes a true destination for Pirates all over the Caribbean with a bold new look!
Icon on horizon

|valign="top" bgcolor=#3B1806 width=157|January 2009's Top 5

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January Game Insider

Pirates news jan 2009
New Year - New AdventuresIcon new year 2008 was a blast but Pirates don't spend their lives looking over their shoulder - we're looking ahead to a 2009 that's packed with game updates, improvements and much, much more!

See what's on the horizon for 2009.

Port Royal Destroyed
New Town Rises from the Ashes - Tours Daily

As you may have read, something's going on in the Caribbean - specifically Port Royal. In the coming days, you'll see the town turned to ruins by a cataclysmic event - what will rise from the rumble will be a completely NEW Port Royal. Port Royal

As one of the first game improvements for 2009, we're introducing a NEW Port Royal and our GMs have volunteered to show us around. Click here for a Tour Schedule. The new layout will take some getting used to, but once you get used to it, we think you'll agree - the new Port Royal looks better and feels more like a real town. Click here for screenshots of the new Port Royal.

Icon port royal

New Year's Resolution
Be a Better Pirate in 2009

Icon mug This year, the Pirates Online Crew resolves to add a ton of great new features to the game - but that's not all, we're exercising our Pirates more (Captain Walter seems to be getting a little soft around the middle) and cutting back on the sweets!

What are your Pirate's New Year's resolutions? Submit yours and read others on the Grog Blog.

Anniversary Contest Deadline Extended
Send in Your Video by February 15

Live the Pirates Life? Then prove it! You could win a trip to the Disneyland Resort, stay in the Disneyland Hotel, and spend a night in the Pirates of the Caribbean suite! Plus an iPod Nano, a Macbook, a chance to meet the Pirates Online crew, a trip to the Walt Disney Studios and much, much more! Icon anniversary contest

We've extended the contest deadline until February 15 so get your video in today and good luck. Check out the Contest Details here.

See sample videos here.

Pirates Online Goes MobileCannons of the Deep Released

Last but not least - we thought we'd take a second and tell you about a cool little thing the guys in the lab of Disney Mobile have been tinkering with. They've built a new site that lets you connect to your Pirate from your mobile phone - currently, this Beta version allows you to check your Pirate stats, embark on treasure hunts, ship battles, and earn loot.

Icon cannons of deep

All Pirates can access the game for free - just enter in your mobile phone's web browser or text PIRATES to DISNEY (347639) to play Cannons of the Deep exclusively on your mobile phone. Learn more about the mobile game here.

December 2008's Top 5----

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