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This Newsletters page will list all email newsletters sent out in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean Online during the year of 2008. But, for the latest information - also check Pirates Online or Pirates Forums!

December Game Insider

Pirates news dec
Peace on Earth

Jolly Roger's Curse Finally Broken Icon holiday

The cold winds of winter have come to the islands and with them another chance for Jolly Roger to work his magic on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Undaunted by Jolly's efforts (and determined to celebrate the winter holiday), Pirates from all over the islands concluded that by bringing good tidings and joy of the season to the Caribbean -- it might help break Jolly Roger's evil curse! Find out more, click here.

Happy Holidays from Pirates Online!
Double Gold and Gold Skull Bandana Return!

We're giving Pirates two great reasons for holiday cheer this season. The first is a Double Gold Weekend! ALL Pirates can take part in this event, so don't miss the chance to fill your treasure chest with more gold! The second reason to celebrate good holiday cheer is the return of the Gold Skull Bandana! The Bandana is only available for Unlimited Access Members. If you would like to upgrade your Basic Access account, click here. For full dates and times, click here. Icon anniv hat

New Year's Celebration
Start the New Year with a Bang

Icon fireworks Speaking of festivities, a shipment of fireworks from the Far East will help Pirates celebrate the New Year! Meet your mates on the beaches of Tortuga, Port Royal or Padres Del Fuego - or ring in the New Year by inviting friends onboard your Guild's boat. Enjoy the New Years fireworks celebration from many different vantage points, so be sure to join us!

The show starts at nightfall, December 31 and runs until January 2 - also be sure to use the noisemaker emote by typing /noise into chat. Let's ring in another year of pillage and plundering!

Win a Trip to the Disneyland Resort!
Enter Now! Contest Deadline Just a Few Weeks Away!

Haven't sent in your video for the Live the Pirates Life Anniversary Contest? What are you waiting for?! You could win a trip to the Disneyland Resort, a chance to meet the Pirates Online Crew and celebrate the Pirates life in style! Icon contest

We're looking for your video telling the world why you love Pirates of the Caribbean Online! But hurry - you've got to submit your video by January 2, 2009.

Tip: Windows Media Video (.wmv) files usually are smaller than other video file types which allow you to upload longer videos.

Use puppets, animation, live action, your family, it doesn't matter... just have fun, be creative, and be sure it's uploaded before the deadline. Videos can be of any length... 30 seconds or epic adventures, with costumes or without! Click here for contest rules and prize info. Remember, you must be over 13 to enter and your video must be 20 MB or less. Check out some sample videos by clicking here. Good luck, maties!

Share the Adventure Gift Subscriptions Now Available

Icon cards 2 Give the gift of Pirates Online with a 30- or 90-Day Game Card available now at select Target, CVS and Rite Aid stores. Click here for store locations.

Gift subscriptions are also available - just sign up to purchase either a one-time Gift Card or an ongoing subscription. Then email or print out a Gift Card for those hard-to-please buccaneers in your life. Click here to get a Gift Subscription.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Fun Fact

Here's a shout-out to the top 10 cities that are home to the most Pirates!

Los Angeles (California, U.S.)
New York (New York, U.S.)
Chicago (Illinois, U.S.)
Tampa (Florida, U.S.)
Atlanta (Georgia, U.S.)
Irvine (California, U.S.)
Houston (Texas, U.S.)
Miami (Florida, U.S.)
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, U.S.)
Chandler (Arizona, U.S.)

Well done, Pirates! Sail on!

Icon map

2008 - Thank You For a Wonderful Year!

It's been an amazing year - not only did we celebrate our one-year anniversary but we added many great new features to the game - like Privateering. We also saw powerful new weapons, powerful new enemies and other additions come to the Caribbean like Jolly's Curse, Gm Meet & Greets and more!

We're just getting started but we've got so much more on the way. In 2009, you'll see a whole new dimension of fun... and danger! We'd like to take a moment and thank you for joining us on the adventure and look forward to sailing with you in the new year!

November 2008's Top 5----

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November Game Insider

Pirates news nov

Announcing the first Annual Founders Feast
November 27, 28, 29, 30 - All Pirates Welcome!

Icon founders feast

Jolly Roger's curse is behind us, and it's time to embrace the fall harvest. In honor of the harvest and our year of good fortune, the Pirate brethren of Founders have announced the First Annual Founders Feast. Click here to read more.

Rewarding Our Members

Free Gift for Unlimited Access Members This month we're giving thanks to our Unlimited Access Members for their support of Pirates Online - with a free in-game gift - a genuine limited edition Pirate bandana!

Just visit a tailor shop on any island to pick one up - you'll be on your way to being one of the most fashionable Pirates on the high seas!

Icon anniv hat

GMs Tavern Takeovers

Icon gm tavern For the last two weekends, you've had the chance to meet our Game Masters in the various town taverns. See screenshots from the event.

Missed the chance to meet the GMs? You never know when a GM might show up, so be on the lookout around the docks of Port Royal and the beaches of Tortuga - both are favorite spots for GMs.

GMs or Game Masters work with the Pirates Online Crew - these Pirates help host events and answer Pirates questions. Plus, these in-the-know seadogs often have information about events and other happenings in the future.

Live the Pirates Life !
Anniversary Contest - Enter Now!

You still haven't submitted your video for our Anniversary contest? What are you waiting for? You could win a trip to Los Angeles to meet the Pirates Online Crew, a trip to the Disneyland Resort with a stay in the Pirates of the Caribbean suite at the Disneyland Hotel, a MacBook, and much, much more! Icon anniv contest

Click here to submit your video by January 2, 2009 showing us why you love Pirates of the Caribbean Online! Enter now!

Congratulations to these Lucky Pirates During the month of October, we randomly selected a Basic and Unlimited Access player each day for a Pirates Online Anniversary prize in honor of our one year Anniversary - here are our winners.

31 Basic Access Players received a 14-day Unlimited Access upgrade and 31 Unlimited Access Members will receive a Pirates Prize Pack in the month of December.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your mailing address information is correct in our system! If you're randomly selected to win a prize, or have won a prize and your address isn't correct - or it's incomplete - this will delay the delivery of your prize. Click here to update and confirm your address.

Coming in December

Icon holly The holidays are just around the corner! We've got a treasure chest full of surprises - but look out - that Caribbean grinch, Jolly Roger, is looking to dampen the spirits of Pirates all over the Caribbean! Make sure to make your first stop for information about this exciting month ahead!
October 2008's Top 5----

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October Game Insider


September Game Insider

Pirates news sept

Double Reputation - THIS WEEKEND
Saturday and Sunday, September 27 and 28

Icon double rep Looking to earn a little experience? Then join us this weekend for Double Reputation Points and you'll be on your way to a higher Notoriety Level in no time.

The first day of this event takes place this Saturday, September 27, 2008, from 12 PM to 3 PM Pacific Time - so don't miss this chance to build your Pirate's reputation!

Plus, on Sunday, September 28, 2008, from 12 PM to 3 PM Pacific Time, Double Reputation will be extended again exclusively for Unlimited Access Members.

Reassign Skill Points for Weapons
New Feature to be Unveiled

Ever assigned a skill point to a weapon and changed your mind afterwards? Soon you'll be able to reassign those skill points! How? By simply visiting any Trainer inside a Gunsmith or Blacksmith Shop on Tortuga, Port Royal, or Padres del Fuego. Click here for details.

Powerful New Weapons - Coming Soon!
Add Level 5 Weapons to Your Arsenal

Icon jack doll Impress your friends - and strike fear into the hearts of your foes with powerful new weapon upgrades coming soon! But be warned mate, you must defeat a villainous new class of boss creatures and other undead beasties to earn these weapons.
Weapon chart
When they're added to Pirates Online, you'll need experience (note the level requirement) to earn them - and it probably wouldn't hurt to bring a few friends to the battle as well. Good luck - you'll need it!

New Enemies - New Rewards
See Whats Lurking Around the Caribbean

Icon undead In addition to the bosses we're introducing with the Weapons Quests, there will also be other new high level bosses and undead creatures lurking around the islands. These new creatures aren't part of any Quests - on the contrary, these inhabitants just want to make getting around the Caribbean much harder... Find out more.

Got Questions?
More Information, Better Presentation

We've got answers. Can't find the answer you want? Then ask! We take questions via e-mail and answer them in our Player Q&A. Read the latest questions here.

Sneak Peek: Meet the Crew of the Black Pearl!
"Hendry Cutts

Icon hendry cutts Hendry Cutts comes from a long line of woodcutters in the English countryside. Bored to the blooming gills, Hendry made his way to the sea in search of adventure. Cutts found work as bow swain (the ship's fix it man) and soon found his skills were better suited, and rewarded, on pirate ships. Captain Jack took him aboard after a night of ruinous rum consumption in Shanghai.
When the crew of the Black Pearl scattered to the four winds Hendry Cutts embarked on a drunken binge in Tortuga and woke up with a hangover... and a wife! While Cutts can't remember saying "I do," it's official, and much to his good luck his new wife, Millie, is both beautiful and well connected. Read more about the misadventures of Hendry Cutts.
Sidenav sept----

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August Game Insider

Pirates news august

New Quests Added!
Outfit Your Pirate in Style

This month marks the introduction of three new Quests that will give Unlimited Access Pirates a chance to suit up in some prime Pirate gear.

Stop by the tailor shop on Port Royal and start the Pirate's Life Quest -- you could earn a five-piece outfit that will cover your Pirate from head to toe. This outfit includes a red and white polka-dot bandana, yellow shirt, short buckle boots, belt, and patched pantaloons. What more could you ask for? How about a six-piece outfit? You'll definitely stand out from the crowd in this unique outfit that's picked up after completing the Clothing for a Pirate Quest. Looking to imitate an infamous Pirate? Try Captain Barbossa's wears on for size. For advanced Pirates, Adoria's Family Quest will give you a chance to earn Barbossa's effects, including his famous feathered hat. Read more.

Icon barbossa outfit

New Enemies Set to Invade the Islands
Pirates Beware!

Icon enemies In addition to new Quest adventures, rumor has it, new enemies will be invading the Caribbean. These new enemies will pose quite a challenge to many a buccaneer.

To glance at journal pages from an unlucky Pirate that faced these foes -- click here to view the pages found near his remains.

Hoist your Colors Privateering Contest
Ranking the Best Privateers

Icon privateering contest Privateers! It's almost time to collect your bounty! Thanks to all the Privateers who participated in the Hoist Your Colors Privateering Contest that took place August 22 - August 24. We hope you made it back to shore unscathed from those treacherous sea battles ...
We're compiling the scores now and will be announcing the winners very soon. Check back to see if you made the ranks of our Top 100 Basic and Unlimited Access Privateers!

Game Cards Now In Stores!

Have a shipmate who wants to upgrade their Basic account to Unlimited Access? Then get that "Pirate" an Unlimited Access Game Card.

Sold as 30-day and 90-day game passes, the Game Cards give players Unlimited Access to Pirates of the Caribbean Online and all the Caribbean has to offer! Find out more.

Icon cards

Basic and Unlimited Access: Adventure for All

Both Basic and Unlimited Access Pirates can enjoy new features thanks to the winds of change that recently swept through the Caribbean. Now Basic Access Players can see a little more of the Caribbean while Unlimited Access Members have more exclusive items and adventures to explore.

Take a look:{|

Icon features

An Important Message from Pirates Online

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online will never contact you directly and ask for your screen or user names, e-mail addresses, passwords, or any other private information. If you receive an e-mail claiming to be from us and you're still in doubt,Contact Us.

|valign="top" bgcolor=#3B1806 width=156|Sidenav august

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July Game Insider


June Game Insider


May Game Insider


April Game Insider

Potco header4
Pirates 0804
Potco navbar2
Potco game news4

Brand-new weapons have been added to the arsenal for Unlimited Access players. Now you can do more damage, acquire faster reload rates, experience new special effects, and more. Look for quests to earn the new Fine Cutlass, Coltello Dagger, Pirate Voodoo Doll, Harrow Voodoo Staff, and the Heavy Tri-Barrel Pistol.
Check out screenshots here.

Line 531x1


All-New Tattoo Quests

You can now obtain special inkings by carrying out exclusive quests. These will serve as reminders of your conquests and cannot be bought - they can only be earned!

Check out screenshots here.

Line 531x1

Privateers Wanted

Treacherous sea battles lie ahead. Winners and losers are sure to be. Whose side will you be on? Check out the new concept art as you contemplate your options.

Line 531x1

Download New Wallpapers

New wallpapers, based on tattoo art from the game, are now available - download them here.

Potco spotlight
Developer Q&A

Jason, one of the game's lead developers, takes a timeout from coding to answer some of your questions.

Q: So what's the deal with Davy Jones and the Kraken? Do you have plans to add them to the game? Any hints on when that might happen?

A: Yes, we are definitely planning on adding Davy Jones and the Kraken to the game, and along with them will be all new Quests. Stay tuned for more details!

Read the entire Q&A here.

Potco lore

A Tale of Two Islands


A deep hatred and desire for revenge still festers in the Caribbean. Beyond Jolly Roger's loathing lie two Pirates, one French - one Spanish, locked in a heated battle for regional power. Discover the history of this battle in the latest Lore expansion.

Potco media5

Media Downloads

Potco icon jolly4 Pirate Translator Potco icon desktop galleon2 Desktop Galleon Potco icon wallpapers2 Wallpapers

Potco fan kit2 Fan Kit Potco icon buddy icons2 Buddy Icons

March Game Insider

Potco header4
Pirates 0803
Potco navbar lore
Potco game news4
Potco skullbullet Arm Yourself With Brand-New Weapons!

New weapons are coming soon to Pirates Online, bringing with them more damage, faster reload rates, special effects, and more! You can look forward to new voodoo dolls, daggers, voodoo staffs, and pistols.

These new weapons will be available later this month on the Test server, and will be hitting the live game in April.

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet New Guild Invite Codes


Recruiting for your Guild just got a whole lot easier. Instead of having to generate a code for each person you invite, you can now take advantage of multiple and unlimited use invite codes.

Click here to read more

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet Everybody Was Sea-in' Green


Did you get a chance to sail the high green seas? There was a whole lot of green going on in the Caribbean on March 17. Some Pirates rocked a green 'do, while others got inked up with some new lucky tattoos! Check out these screenshots in case you missed the celebration.

Pocto contests

Potco skullbullet Pirates Are Definitely More Lovable Than Ninjas

Here it is - straight from the mouths of your fellow Pirates - the top 10 reasons why Pirates are more lovable than Ninjas.

Click here to view the list

Potco playerQA

Potco skullbullet From Alvaro:


I was wondering, seeing as there is some confusion: what is the total number of skill points a pirate can have on a weapon by the time he masters it? Is it 25, because at level 25 a pirate does not receive a skill point, or is it 26, 2 from when you receive the weapon and 24 from each level up until level 25? Thanks in advance!

Read more Player Q&A

Potco lore

Potco skullbullet Who is Jolly Roger?

Seafaring folk often tell the old tale of how the envious pirate Jolly Roger and Captain Jack Sparrow found themselves vying for the same coveted seat in the Pirate Brethren Court. 'Twas a position Jolly Roger long believed he deserved far more than Captain Jack. But when the captain of the Black Pearl gained the seat - though some whisper it was craftily attained -- Jolly Roger's jealous fury raged towards Jack and he vowed vengeance. Jolly Roger then conspired with a Voodoo witch doctor to settle the score. Together, they schemed to rig a card game to trick Jack out of his piece of eight -- the coin and beads entwined in Sparrow's hair -- a symbol of membership to the esteemed Pirate Brethren.

Read more Lore

Potco media5

Potco skullbullet Media Downloads

Potco icon jolly4 Pirate Translator Potco icon desktop galleon2 Desktop Galleon Potco icon wallpapers2 Wallpapers

Potco fan kit2 Fan Kit Potco icon buddy icons2 Buddy Icons

February Game Insider

Potco header4
Pirates 0802
Potco navbar noQA
Potco game news4
Potco skullbullet Unlimited Access Members...Customize Your Pirates Now!
Potco customize1

Cruise around the Caribbean in a whole new set of threads, rock some new ink, get a slick new hair do...and don't forget your bling!

Members can also pick up an EXCLUSIVE skull bandana from any Tailor Shop!

To celebrate the launch of avatar customization, we're giving an exclusive in-game skull bandana to all of our Unlimited Access members. Anyone who currently has Unlimited Access, or upgrades by March 2, can get this limited-edition item.

Please Note: Eligible members must pick up the skull bandana from any tailor before midnight on Sunday, March 2 - just walk in and select it from the list of available hats for purchase (don't gold needed!).

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet Say It With an Emote!

Potco celebrate1

It's time to dance, celebrate, laugh, or just plain go crazy...emote style! Click here for a list of some of the emotes now available in the game for all Pirates.

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet Pirates Sea Green

Potco clover

March is a month of luck in Pirates Online - and what Pirate can't use a little luck? We think some ink might do the trick - maybe four leaves of something you pick?

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet Crewin' Up Made Simple

Potco crew

Looking for a crew in Pirates Online has never been easier! Based on your feedback, we have implemented a new "Looking for Crew" (LFC) feature that allows you to tell other Pirates that you are interested in crewing up by placing a "Looking for Crew" message above your Pirate's head. There are two different ways to activate this new feature:

1. Click on the "Crew Options" button on your Crew Panel. Select "Looking for Crew". To get to your Crew Panel:

- Open your Sea Chest and click the "Friends" button or hit F to bring up your Friends Panel
- Click on the Crew tab to open up your Crew Panel

2. Type /lfc into your chat window. The "Looking for Crew" message will appear above your Pirate's head.

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet Update: Black Pearl Boss Battle

Potco black pearl

Some players were finding it difficult to remember which townsperson they needed to return to when completing a Quest. In order to help alleviate some of this confusion, we've made some enhancements to the Quest tracking system. Now, when you are in the "return to townsperson" stage of completing a Quest, simply follow the ray of light and the yellow arrow at your feet to return to your townsperson.

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet Cloth Maps from the Pre-Order Program

Potco cloth map

For those players who are newer to Pirates Online, as well as anyone else who missed out on the Pre-Order Program, we wanted to share with you some pictures of the limited-edition exclusive cloth maps we created. Each map also came with its own numbered certificate of authenticity. For those players who did pre-order...we hope you enjoy your map!

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet "What Are Skill Points?

Potco leaderboard

Each time your Pirate gains a level in a Weapon, you earn 1 Skill Point for that Weapon. You can then spend these Skill Points to unlock new Skills or upgrade existing Skills to make them more powerful. Check out the Player's Guide for all the details on Skill Points and how to spend them.

Pocto contests

Potco skullbullet "10 Sony Mylo'sTM Are Still Up for Grabs!

Ipod touch
Don't forget - there is still time to enter the "Why Pirates are More Lovable than Ninjas" contest for the chance to win an awesome Sony MyloTM. The contest ends on February 28, so get your submissions in now. Visit the Contest Page for all the details.
Potco flotsam

Potco skullbullet "Most Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the coin above some Pirates' heads?
This coin indicates that the account holder of that Pirate is a Founder. Founders are players that either pre-ordered the game or purchased Unlimited Access to the game before midnight on December 2.

2) What do the name tag colors mean?
Blue name tag: Player has Unlimited Access
Grey name tag: Player has Basic Access
Gold name tag: Player is a Founder and has Unlimited Access

3) How do I log out of the game?
Option 1: Click the "Options" button at the lower left of your screen or hit F7 to bring up the Options Panel. From here, click the "Log out" button to return to your Pick-a-Pirate screen.
Option 2: Hit Shift-F2

4) How do I change to windowed mode?
Step 1: Click the "Options" button at the lower left of your screen or hit F7 to bring up the Options Panel.
Step 2: You can select windowed mode here by clicking the fullscreen on/off button

5) What is a tonic, and where do I buy them?

- Tonics refresh your health while in battle and should be purchased BEFORE entering battle.
- They are especially important if you are fighting alone or against high-level enemies.
- Tonics can be purchased at any gypsy cart. Go to the gypsy and click on the "Store" button. The Tonics will be available on the third tab (look on the left side of the panel for the tabs).
- To use a tonic: press "T" or click the tonic icon to drink and recover some health.

6) What is a crew good for?
By crewing up, you can easily keep track of the other Pirates you are playing with. You can teleport to each other's ships and can easily locate your crew should you end up in jail. You also get a 10% notoriety bonus for every enemy you defeat while part of a crew.

7) What is the Test Server? How do I get access to it?
The Test Server is a separate, invite only, version of the game where we test new game content, features, game updates, bug fixes, and upcoming changes to the game before they are incorporated into the live game.

Those players who participated in the Pirates Online Beta Test (phase 1 or 2) automatically have access to the Test Server and can log in by clicking on the Pirates Online Test Launcher icon located on their desktop. If you have access, but still need to download the Test Launcher, please do so by using the appropriate link below.

For PC, please click here.
For Mac, please click here.

While we are not currently sending out any additional invitations to play on the Test Server, we will be doing so in the near future, so stay tuned!

8) Do you plan on expanding the game and its content? Will you continue to make fixes and updates while new content is being added?
Yes, we will continue to add new content to Pirates Online on a regular basis in order to ensure that there will always be new adventures to be had, locations to explore, enemies to battle and defeat, and many new treasures to discover. While we have a team dedicated to developing this new content and expanding the game, we also have a team that is solely dedicated to fine tuning the game, fixing bugs, and continuously making game updates and enhancements.

Potco media5

Potco skullbullet Media Downloads

Potco icon jolly4 Pirate Translator Potco icon desktop galleon2 Desktop Galleon Potco icon wallpapers2 Wallpapers

Potco fan kit2 Fan Kit Potco icon buddy icons2 Buddy Icons

January Game Insider

Potco header4
Pirates 0801
Potco navbar noflotsam2
Potco game news4
Potco skullbullet Expressing Yourself with Emotes
Potco celebrate

As part of the Avatar Customization update in February, we will also be adding our first round of emotes to Pirates Online. Emotes give you a whole new means of communicating in the game by allowing your Pirate to do a variety of actions including:

- Dance
- Laugh
- Clap
- Celebrate

Check out the Current News page for a sample animation of the new emotes!

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet New Tattoo, Jewelry, and Tailor Shops!

Potco shops

Ready to get your Pirate inked up and iced out? Take a look at the brand-new tattoo parlors, jewelry stores, and tailor shops coming to Pirates Online in February!

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet Create Your Own Fan Site

Potco fan kit

We've put together a boatload of art assets -- including character images, logos, background textures, buttons, headers, and tons more to help you create your very own Pirates Online Fan Site! What are you waiting for? Download the Fan Kit now and get started!

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet New Coats -- Inspired by the Pirate Lords

Potco coats

We'll be introducing brand-new coats inspired by members of the Brethren Court in February's customization update! Here's a sneak peek at three of the coats we'll be releasing, along with a picture of the Pirate Lord who inspired them!

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet Quest Tracking: Follow the Ray of Light

Some players were finding it difficult to remember which townsperson they needed to return to when completing a Quest. In order to help alleviate some of this confusion, we've made some enhancements to the Quest tracking system. Now, when you are in the "return to townsperson" stage of completing a Quest, simply follow the ray of light and the yellow arrow at your feet to return to your townsperson.

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet Game Passes Now Available

Potco game cards

Just a can now purchase Game Passes for Pirates of the Caribbean Online at participating Target retailers nationwide. You can purchase a 30-Day Game Pass for $9.95 or a 90-Day Game Pass for $24.95. These make great gifts for all the Pirates in your life!

Pocto contests4

Potco skullbullet "Why Pirates Are More Lovable Than Ninjas" Contest

Potco mylo

Send us up to three reasons why you think Pirates are more lovable than Ninjas and you could win a Sony Mylo! Visit the Contest Page for all the details.

Potco linebreak

Potco skullbullet "Aces Need Faces" Blackjack Contest Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who participated in the "Aces Need Faces" Blackjack Contest. Click here to view the 10 lucky winners of an 8GB iPod Touch. Congratulations to all of them!

Potco playerQA4

Thank you for continuing to send us your questions and comments - we are doing our best to answer as many of them as we can, as quickly as possible.

From Matt:
Q: I am trying to buy a war frigate, but I need more gold. What are some quick and easy ways to get the gold I need?

A: One of the best ways is befriending someone with a War Galleon. War Galleons can hold the most cargo (16 crates), thus will yield the most gold when you return to port.

Read More

Potco media5

Potco skullbullet Media Downloads

Potco icon jolly4 Pirate Translator Potco icon desktop galleon2 Desktop Galleon Potco icon wallpapers2 Wallpapers

Potco fan kit new Fan Kit Potco icon buddy icons2 Buddy Icons
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