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The Man-O-War is a class of War Frigate in service of the Royal Navy. This vessel carries seven deck guns and ten broadside cannons on each side.

Appearing at Level 28-30, they have around 12,100 Hull Points.

In addition to traditional ammunition, they attack with Firebrand rounds for Broadsides and Round Shot for deck guns. They are often found in the dangerous seas around Padres Del Fuego, Kingshead, and Isla Cangrejos.

Navy flagship
They appear as flagships launching from Kingshead and traveling all the way to Isla Cangrejos. They often have crews ranging from Veterans to Dragoons.

The term Man-O-War refers to a ship heavily armed with cannon and entirely dependent on the wind. The Man-O-War evolved from the carrack which in turn evolved into Ships-Of-The-Line and eventually evolved into the modern day battleships.

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