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The Colossus is a class of heavy War Galleon in service to the Royal Navy. This vessel carries five deck guns and twelve broadside cannons on each side. They can appear as flagships.

Appearing at Levels 35-38, they have around 16,000 Hull Points. In addition to traditional ammunition, they attack with Firebrand rounds for the deck guns and Chain Shot for the broadsides.

Navy flagship
When they're flagships, they are often captained by a veteran or an officer, crewed with sergeants or even all officers, sometimes, with all officers on deck, and they can be as high a level as those on Stage 1 of the Black Pearl Boss Battle. On rare occasions you will find a boss driving or as a crew member. The Colossus flagship can be found sailing from Outcast Isle to the dangerous waters behind Isla Tormenta.

They can be found around Padres Del Fuego, Outcast Isle, and Isla Tormenta.

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