Weapon Card
Navy Blunderbuss.jpg
Break Attack Stun Shot Rank 1
Attack Power 30
Barrels 1
Group Grand Blunderbuss Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Range Short
Rarity Common
Required Level Gun 5
Value 51 Gold
Weapon Model
Blunderbuss B.png

The Navy Blunderbuss is a common, but sufficient weapon. This Blunderbuss has the Stun Shot ability. As is the case with all blunderbusses, this gun has only one barrel, and it takes a while to load. However, it makes up for anything it lost in the time to reload it in its devastating attack power.

Grand Blunderbuss Group

Navy Blunderbuss.jpg EITC Blunderbuss.jpg Screenshot 2010-11-01 07-33-04.jpg Grand Blunder - clearer.png

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