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Nature Staves are a type of Voodoo Staff. They are enchanted with healing hexes, and can restore fellow pirates' strength around you.

Types of Nature Staff

Name Attack Power Abilities Skill Req. Cost
Rotten Staff 1 None Staff 1 N/A
Juju Staff 3 Blast +1 Staff 6 N/A
Healing Staff 3 Nature Aura 1 Staff 6 4,340g
Mending Staff 9 Nature Aura 1 Staff 11 7,940g
Restoration Staff 15 Nature Aura 1 Staff 16 12,620g
Renewal Staff 21 Nature Aura 1 Staff 21 18,380g
Life Staff 28 Nature Aura 1 Staff 26 26,460g
Navigator's Staff 32 Nature Aura 3, Wither +2, Spirit Lore +2 Staff 27 80 Large Bones + 30 Haunted Bones

Nature Staff Skills

The Nature Staff uses the same skill set as other Voodoo Staves.

Hex Skills

Most of the Hexes a pirate can use with a voodoo staff are more intended for attacking a group of enemies from a distance, since the user does NOT have to attune it to them.

Hex Description Power Time Skill Req. Icon
Blast Basic energy attack0Instant1Staff blast.png
Soul Flay Damages enemies in a line.3011Staff frostbeam.png
Pestilence A cone shaped cloud inflicts acid burns4532Staff pestilence.png
Wither Area-effect, victims suffer lowered attack power6024Staff sparks.png
Flaming Skull Line-of-sight. Summons and hurls a Skull of fire at enemies.120410Staff fire.png
Banish Exiles Undead back to the other side.210814Staff deluge.png
Desolation A maelstrom of death hurts all nearby enemies, including you.3001220

Staff shockwave.png

Passive Skills

In addition to hexes the pirate has to cast, the Voodoo Staff also can provide abilities that once learned, are always in effect. These abilities can also apply to the user's Voodoo Doll as well.

Hex Description Skill Req. Icon
Concentration Increases Voodoo Power recovery rate6Staff concentration.png
Spirit Lore Increases staff casting speed8Staff spirit lore.png
Conservation Decreases amount of Voodoo Power used by Staff and Doll12Staff conservation.png
Spirit Mastery Increases the damage by Staff and Doll17 

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