Occupation Gypsy
Location Name Hollowed Woods
Island Name Port Royal
Gypsy picon

Myrna is a ghost gypsy who has a wagon set up in Hollowed Woods on Port Royal with the help of her partner, April May.

Like other gypsies around the Caribbean, she offers a variety of Voodoo items. Pirates can enter her where April May is found, selling brand new voodoo items and offering a potion table.

Myrna used her Voodoo magic to block of the Hollowed Woods from the rest of the island and seal Captain Windshadow within his Town Hall, but she was unfortunately slain fending off his Jumbee Crew. The exact details of this confrontation were lost to her due to the Watcher causing her to forget, though she harbors no ill will towards the guardian spirit.

Game Note

  • Another Myrna used to be found dancing along with the tunes played by Sean Tones in the Royal Anchor Tavern on Port Royal. After the reconstruction of Port Royal, that Myrna disappeared. Is it her ghost living in Hollowed Woods?
  • Myrna has an unreleased hairstyle.
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