Stick Pirates
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Loot is random, but your server means a lot. Theres two main parts of server looting. There is value, and skulls. Even though everybody loves skulls, you may be looting for hours, getting bunch of skulls, but with nothing in them.

That is why value is more important. Would you rather loot for 30 minutes, and loot a good famed cursed? Or would you rather sit around for hours, and get a bunch of skulls but with nothing in them?

So you have already learned two things about what you want out of your servers, you want value, and you want your server to be fresh. You've learned about the basics of what you want out of a server. Now let's move on to more complicating terms.

Tactics, there is much strategy in looting. My favorite strategy is building up your loot. For example, go to Tormenta run a lap. Go to certain areas, loot at them for about 20 minutes, and do the same to each of the areas. Then once you come around again you'll get the loot that was building up in that area.

Another strategy is making change. If you've been using a sword for awhile, change to something else. For example, Siege Charge (This strategy is great for brights).

Now since we've mostly covered Tormenta, let's move to Raven's Cove. First off,

If you're in the 20's, and want The Lost Sword go to Raven's Cove. Your sword level would need to be over 26, though. Also, you would need Viper's Nest to not die.

Raven's is also a great place to loot for brights. If you're in your 30's and 40's, its usually a bright mania there. Although there isn't much strategy at Raven's Cove, I'll still teach you a few tips.

Be patient, it's sometimes worth it. Using siege charge, and a blunderbuss are the fastest ways of looting there. If you don't have those I would suggest calling someone to help you with that while you bubble the enemies. Also, go boss looting a lot before you're lvl 30. It increases your chances at Ravens Cove. When you reach lvl 30, go there for brights and famed cursed.

Tip: (Don't go to Tormenta, until your about lvl 40 )

Anyway let's move on to Boss looting. Boss looting is the most simple way to get famed. Once your sword reaches lvl 20 start leveling it, and looting it at the boss General Darkhart. The best bosses (in my opinion) are Blanco and Darkhart for fast famed.

Anyway, that is my basic guide to looting.

Keep clean, you savvy pirates! Until thus we meet again, let me know if my guide helps you :).

Sincerely, your true and only,

William Shoresmythe

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