Note: This article refers to content from a seasonal event, which usually reoccurs once every year.

Mother's Day is a special Holiday Event that takes place during the month of May to honor mothers. During this time, special Mother's Day tattoos are available for purchase from the tattoo artists. In addition, there is also a Mother's Day peddler outfit available for purchase.



Image Cost Tattoo Image Cost Tattoo
Mother'sDayChestTat.jpg 1000 Gold Tattoo chest color mothersday classic.png Mother'sDayHeartsFaceTattoo.jpg 500 Gold Tattoo face color mothersday hearts.png
MothersDayFlowerFaceTat.jpg 500 Gold Tattoo face color mothersday flower lg.png Mother'sDaySparrowTat.png 300 Gold Tattoo arm color mothersday sparrows.png
MothersDayFlowerArm.jpg 300 Gold Tattoo arm color mothersday flowers.png


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In 2012, a new Mother's Day outfit (known as "Wildfire") was made available for pirates by purchase from merchants. It contains a vibrant combination of orange and black for male and female pirates. This clothing is only available at this time so be swift. 


The following poem was placed in the Pirates Online Blog Announcing the event in 2011:

We take our hats off to ye – exposing our sun burnt, sea weathered heads.
We give ye a smile – sure, we’re missing a few teeth.
We even take off our briny boots when we enter yer home – ahh the smell of the sea.

Yet ye still accept us rascals as yer very own!

So when it comes to Mother's Day, remember to wear these tattoo's in honor of yer Mum!

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