In The Legend of Pirates Online, moonstones are a special currency used during the Winter Festival. They are found in loot when fighting Royal Navy, EITC, Undead and Thrall enemies. They are NOT found in ship loot or from animal / plant enemies.

They come in three sizes: (similar to bones).

Icon Type Where
Small Moonstone Small Loot Pouches, between 1 - 20 per pouch
Large Moonstone Large Loot Chests, between 1 - 15 per chest
Enchanted Moonstone Enchanted Loot Skull Chests, between 1 - 5 per skull

Moonstones are exchanged at the Yuletide Manor on Tortuga during this event, in exchange for special holiday-themed items.

Game Notes

  • Moonstones were not part of the original Pirates Online. There were references to an Aztec Moonstone, used by Jolly Roger for his voodoo magic so it's assume these stones may possess voodoo magic of their own.
  • Moonstones were added in Dec. 2018.