Moneky Panic
Grenade toughness
Monkey Panic
is a special Break Attack skill. When activated, the pirate holding the weapon suddenly performs a Monkey Roar. They roar and growl for a time, glowing bright red, afterwards the glow fades. Their Health and Attack Power are instantly boosted, however, you can't get more then your current maximum amount of life from it. This ability is only temporary until it recharges. This skill might be related to taunt, because both of these skills turn you in a red color. It also increases damage by 20% and lasts for 20 seconds.

Game Note

The action the pirate performs while using this skill is part of the Zombie Dance Emote available during the Curse of the Muertos Moon during Halloween and Friday the 13th.


The following weapons have the Monkey Panic ability:


Gorilla Cutlass Group

Monkey Cutlass Baboon Cutlass 2010-11-25 Orangutan Cutlass Gorillacard


Gorilla Broadsword Group

Screenshot 2010-11-03 07-56-50 Baboon Broadsword OrangutanBroadSword Gorilla Broadsword

Sea Steel Sword

Repeater Pistol

Gorilla Repeater Group

Monkey Repeater BaboonRepeater
Orangutan repeater Gorilla Repeater


Gorilla Blunderbuss Group

Monkey Blunderbuss 2010-12-06 Baboon Blunderbuss 2010-12-30 Orangatang Blunderbuss Gorillablunderupdated

Voodoo Doll

Gorilla Doll Group

Monkey Doll Chimpanzee Doll Card Baboon-doll Orangutan Doll - clearer Gorilla Doll

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