Weapon Card
Monkey Blunderbuss 2010-12-06
Break Attack Monkey Panic Rank 1
Immunities Sure Footed Rank 1
Attack Power 40
Barrels 1
Group Gorilla Blunderbuss Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Range Short
Rarity Common
Required Level Gun 10
Value 72 Gold
Weapon Model
Blunderbuss C

A Monkey Blunderbuss is a powerful, but common weapon. Compared to some other Blunderbusses, this one is very small but still potent. This blunderbuss provides the wielder with a Monkey Panic Break Attack and a Sure Footed defense.

Gorilla Blunderbuss Group

Monkey Blunderbuss 2010-12-06 Baboon Blunderbuss 2010-12-30 Orangatang Blunderbuss Gorillablunderupdated

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