Mojo Dolls are dolls that use warding energy against enemies, they are very similar to the Warding Staves. They allow you to defend your friends and restrain your foes.

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Abilities of Mojo Dolls

Different Mojo Dolls have different abilities, the ability they have is usually the same as the other weapons in their Weapon Group.

Hex Guard

Staff spirit lore
Hex Guard allows a pirate to protect other pirates from Voodoo attacks. This ability comes with all Mojo Dolls bought from Gypsies and Shaman Dolls.

Voodoo Reflect

Doll focus
The Voodoo Reflect ability allows you to bounce a Voodoo Attack back at the attacker. This ability comes with the Hex Reflecter Dolls.

Hex Ward

Staff concentration
Hex Ward allows you to auto-resist one Voodoo attack with a swirling purple shield. It comes with the Spell Binder Dolls and some firearms as well.

Wind Guard

Wind Guard
Wind Guard protects other pirates from ranged attacks. It can be found with the Warrior Dolls.

Types of Mojo Dolls

Legendary Mojo Dolls

New calypso's

Hex Reflector Dolls

Hex Guardian Group

Hex Reflector Doll Hex rebound Hex Guardian Doll - clearer

Shaman Dolls

Cabal Doll Group

Mystic Doll Priestessdoll Gypsydoll Shaman Doll - clearer Cabal Doll - clearer

Spell Binder Dolls

Curse Breaker Doll Group

Straw Doll WardingDoll Hex Watcher Doll Spell-Binder-Doll Curse braker doll

Warrior Dolls

Warlord Doll Group

SilkDoll Oriental doll WarriorDoll Nomad doll Warlord Doll - clearer

Witch Dolls

Black Magic Doll Group

WitchDoctorDoll Bewitcher doll Siren Doll Occult Doll Banshee Black Magic Doll

Buyable Mojo Dolls

Cotton Doll Ornate Doll
Enchanted Doll Magic Doll Mysterious Doll

Other Mojo Dolls

Wax Doll Clay doll

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