Flynn Seafalcon

aka Ilya Nikitichev

  • I live in Russia, Kursk
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am male
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  • Hi there!

    I noticed you've been uploading photos to the wiki, but not posting them anywhere. On the wiki, we delete unused photos regularly to save space. If you don't know how to post photos, just follow the following steps:

    1. When in the editor, look to the right toolbar. There is a "Photo" button, click it.
    2. In that window, you can choose from recently uploaded photos. When you select one, it opens up a menu in which you can resize the picture.
    3. Then, just click add photo and it's automatically added to a page!

    I hope this cleared up a few things for you.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this post. : )

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  • Wellyou might not remember me but im on your friends list. Just saying hi!

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  • Ahoy, Flynn Seafalcon!
    PO logo

    Ahoy, and welcome me matey to the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki. This here is the best source for everything
    Pirates Online.

    • To be learnin' the basics of wiki editing, go to Editing Help.
    • Be sure to read our Policy Page to know all the do's and don't's on the wiki.
    • For other helpful information, visit our FAQ Page.

    All here hope ye make more changes and make our Wiki the best it can be! If ye be having any problems or questions, please leave a message on me message wall!

    Fair Winds,

    -- JoshuaCoalskull (Talk) 09:14, June 19, 2012

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