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Mercer's Pistol
Boost(s) Eagle Eye +3
Take Aim +3
Defense Ability Feint Rank 3
Unique Ability Critical Strike Rank 3
Attack Power 85
Barrels 1
Location Looted from Remington the Vicious
Range Medium
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Gun 30
Value 505 Gold
Weapon Model

Mercer's Pistol is a Legendary Pistol formerly belonging to Cutler Beckett's right-hand man and enforcer Ian Mercer. This Legendary Pistol gives the Feint Defense Skill which can allow its wielder to dodge one melee attack. This pistol and its twin, Beckett's Pistol have the highest attacks of any single-shot pistol in the entire Caribbean.

The Rank 3 Critical Strike Passive Skill gives this weapon's user a low chance to deal double damage with an attack. The +3 boost to the Eagle Eye skill and +3 boost to the Take Aim skill help increase a pirate's accuracy as well as make this weapon even more deadly.

This weapon can only be dropped by Remington the Vicious, a boss located on Kingshead.

Game Notes

  • This Pistol was added in The Legend of Pirates Online and NOT part of the original Pirates Online.
  • Mercer's Pistol was added to The Legend of Pirates Online in 2018-8-14 tlopo-rc-v1.17.0 update.
  • This Legendary Pistol was the third legendary of the four new legendary weapons have surfaced, and was found by Thomas Daggerbones.