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Members of Black Guard, Mercenaries are some of the most deadly soldiers in Lord Cutler Beckett's private army - second only to the dreaded Assassins.

They range from Level 23-30 (Health 2,450-2,750). They are highly skilled with their cutlasses, and can perform advanced moves such as Thrust and Blade Storm. Unlike their Navy counterpart, the Officer, they have no qualms about fighting dirty and will not hesitate to use moves such as Taunt and Brawl.

Game Note: These levels can vary on Flaghips as the levels of enemies on flagships change depending on you and your crew's notoriety level.

Attacks include:

  • Sweep - The person does a complete, 360-degree slash with their blade outstretched, slashing any enemy in the area.
  • Thrust - The person rears back, spins their blade in the air for dramatic flair, and suddenly lurches forward at lightning speed, driving the blade into their enemies stomach.
  • Flourish - The player performs 3 graceful slashes that go in a triangular motion.
  • Brawl - The person puts their blade to the side and suddenly gives the enemy a brutal, merciless head-butt.
  • Taunt - The person puts the blade aside and taunts the enemy, making the enemy's attacks less accurate and therefore less powerful.
  • Blade Storm - The person delivers a storm of many lightning-fast sword slashes, and ends with a vicious reverse thrust.
  • Flurry - The person performs 3 quick but powerful sword swings going in a figure-8 motion.
  • Wild Swing - A dangerous overhead strike (misses often).
  • Lunge - A slow but fancy lunge.
  • Cleave - A mighty overhead chop.



These mercenary bosses can appear at random times across the Caribbean where other mercenaries can be found.

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