Master Throwing Knives are common throwing knives that have a decent attack power but no abilities. These are among the most expensive sets of knives you can buy, thus making it valueable when found. They can be purchased from Blacksmiths on Padres Del Fuego or found in loot drops from Foulberto Smasho. This dagger is identical to Assassin's Throwing Knives and the legendary Silver Freeze but they do not have the same skills.

  • Attack Power: 38
  • Abilities: None
  • Level Required: Dagger 27
  • Resale Value: 902 Gold
  • Cost: 18040 Gold and found in Loot
Dirk E

Game Note:

  • Even though the info card claims: "Faster recharge on Throwing Skills" there is no change to the cooldowns.
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