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Mala Uva
Spanish 3
Enemy type Spanish Undead Bandido
Faction Spanish
Health 5,250-8,750
Level(s) 15-20
Location(s) Cutthroat Isle
Weapon(s) used Dual Cutlass

Mala Uva is a random Spanish Undead Bandido Boss, appearing at Levels 15-20. He uses Dual Cutlasses and can do heavy damage, ranking as a threat to lower level pirates who stumble upon him.


He has been known to appear at Cutthroat Isle, Lava Gorge in Padres Del Fuego, and on Flagships in the High Seas.

Game Notes

  • Mala Uva means Bad Grape in Spanish.
  • Mala was NOT in the original Pirates Online. He was added later to The Legend of Pirates Online.

Mala Uva

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