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Pirates of the Caribbean Online supports two kinds of Friends:

  • Pirate Friends
    These are Friends you make between your Pirate and another Pirate. You know each other by your Pirate names, and you communicate using SpeedChat.
  • Player Friends
    These are the real world players behind the Pirates. Depending on your chat permissions, you may be able to use SpeedChat, SpeedChat Plus or Open Chat.

All your Friends appear on your Friends Panel, along with a note telling you if they are currently online or not. You can have up to 100 Friends.

Use your Friends Panel to add someone as a Friend or to stop being Friends with someone. To add a new Friend, click on the Pirate or D-Name you want to make Friends with. Their Pirate Detail Panel will appear. Click Friends, and a pop-up window will ask you to confirm that you want to become friends.

Click on the button, and the game will ask that Pirate if they would like to be your Friend. If that Pirate says "Yes," you will be notified. Their name will then appear on your Friends Panel and your name will appear on theirs. To stop being Friends with someone, click the Friends button on your Friends Panel and then click on their name. A new panel will tell you that you are currently Friends. Click the Stop button to stop being Friends.

Game Tip: A D-Name is a unique name that will be shown on features that require a display name, such as High Score boards, and chat windows. Your D-Name should not contain any Personal Identifiable Information, such as your first and last name, physical address, street name, city, state or e-mail address.

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