Magenta HAT

The Magenta Ostrich Hat is a unique hat that can only be obtained during the Raven's Cove Story Quest (available at notoriety level 30) by earning the bonus quest playing Undead Poker for the friendly Clubheart ghosts. Once you sell or trash this hard-earned hat, there is no way of getting it back.

Obtaining it requires the completion of a difficult task: winning 5,000 gold in Undead Poker in one sitting. This means you cannot leave the table or die without losing your progress. If you finish the quest without completing this optional objective, you can only acquire the hat later at a Quest Reward Vendor.

Game Tip: You should get a friend to heal you while you are playing Undead Poker so that you don't die! (Make sure he/she attunes you before sitting down or it won't work.)

Game Notes

  • This hat can only be obtained as a bonus item by male pirates. The Purple Cavalry Hat is the bonus quest item for females.
  • This hat was once available to be found in loot, but was removed when Raven's Cove was added to the game.
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