Lt. Cmdr. Lawrence Arnot
Lt. Commander Lawrence Arnot
Occupation Royal Navy Officer
Faction Royal Navy
GM icon
Lt. Commander Lawrence Arnot is an Officer of The Royal Navy Guild. He is a GM-played character that has appeared at several role-playing events, such as the Buccaneer Boot Camp.

He has the power to Knock Out players instantly.

Game Notes:

  • Commander Arnot has an old body type.
  • Lawrence Arnot was added to TLOPO as a random Boss along with most of the other Royal Navy GMs.


Arnot is dangerous and highly skilled with most weapons; just short of mastering them.

  • Overall Level: 45
  • Cannon: 25
  • Sailing: 25
  • Cutlass: 25
  • Pistol: 25


Boss Icon
Lawrence Arnot
Lawrence Arnot Profile
Enemy type Officer
Faction Royal Navy
Health 7,750-21,250
Level(s) 18-45
Location(s) Kingshead, Fort Charles, Catacombs, Fort Dundee, Beckett's Quarry, High Seas
Weapon(s) used Bayonet
Lawrence Arnot is a Royal Navy Officer Boss who is stationed most often near Naval outspots and forts. He has been also seen aboard Navy Flagships.

Appearing anywhere from Level 18 to 45, Arnot can present a threat to nearly any pirate. He can wield a Cutlass with profound skill. BEWARE!


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