Not in game This item has been discontinued from Pirates Online. Some pirates may have this item in their inventory, but players without it will not be able to obtain it.

Loyalty Bandana

The Loyalty Bandana was free for unlimited access members from November 27, 2008 to December 7, 2008. It was available at any of the tailors on any the main islands.

  • Resale Value: 20 Gold

Game Notes

  • Before the expansion of El Patron's weapons, this hat was known as the "Gold Skull Bandana." It is somewhat rare for players to still have this bandana in their inventories.
  • During the testing period of El Patron's weapons, this was also a common loot drop.
  • The Loyalty Bandana was available for a limited time in The Legend of Pirates Online during the semi-open Beta stage where players could obtain the item by using the redeem code "loyalty," and then later on during the 100,000 Members celebration with the code "loyalty100k", along with the Crossbones Bandana and the Skull Staff.
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