Weapon Card
Patron card
Boost(s) Sweep +3
Unique Ability Ghost Form 3,
Drain Voodoo 3
Attack Power 84
Location Loot
Rarity Legend
Required Level Sword 27
Value 2,167 Gold
Weapon Model
Cutlass K

The Lost Sword of El Patron is the very same weapon used by El Patron himself. Following his death, his sword was presumed lost forever. However, it was rediscovered among the other weapons in El Patron's collection. The blade itself seems to be made of gold. As a result, there is a brilliant gold trail behind each of this sword's attacks.

This Legendary Cutlass is powerful. It gives its lucky wielder the ability to change into a ghost-like form for 12 seconds, which prevents half damage from ranged and combat attacks. Additionally -- although not stated on the weapon's skill description -- this skill gives the user a 20% damage buff while Ghost Form is active.

Can be found in Loot and formerly through the redeem code elpatron


The name "El Patron" appeared with the Treasure Fleet update. It said in a notice for the Fleets that the EITC were planning to escape with his Lost Weapons.

With the release of the Loot and Inventory system, the POTCO team talked of the weapon being out there - "According to legend, El Patron cursed the sword with his dying breath. Now his spirit haunts the blade and its user. When the user unsheathes the sword, they travel as a phantom wherever they go."

Game Notes

  • Like many other Cursed weapons, El Patron's Sword leaves a trail when swung. His is uniquely gold in color.
Screenshot 2017-06-30 11-32-17

Lost Sword of El Patron gold trail.

  • Initially, this sword had the highest resale value in game. This was first surpassed in March 29, 2013 by the Heart of Padres del Fuego, with a resale value of 5,630 gold. The Heart was then surpassed even further by the Lost Blade of Leviathan and the Storm Sphere, with resale values of 10,000 gold and 15,000 gold respectively.
  • This is the only known weapon in the game with the Ghost Form weapon skill.


  • The first week it was released, it was very easy to find while looting.
  • There seems to be an effect given during Ghost Form's and Dark Curse's duration that is not specified on their weapon cards. The bonus seems to be directed towards increasing damage dealt by the user's attacks, though how much it increases exactly is yet to be determined. Either way, it is an unexpected aid for those who regularly use this cutlass of legend or weapons with Dark Curse.
  • Curiously, although this Cutlass is said to be the one that El Patron used, during the final battle against him in the Raven's Cove Story Quest, he uses a Broadsword.
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