Weapon Card
Attack ability Leviathan's Curse Rank 5
Boost(s) Parry +5
Brawl +5
Endurance +5
Attack power 108
Location Looted from Palifico
Rarity Legendary
Required level Sword 30
Value 10000 Gold
Weapon Model

The Lost Blade of Leviathan is a Legendary Cursed Broadsword introduced to The Legend of Pirates Online with the Forsaken Shallows expansion.

This monstrous blade supplies its user with an all-new rank 5 weapon skill called Leviathan's Curse, which is an absolute powerhouse. Against any standard lackeys, this ability will wipe them clean from existence with a single swipe. As well, the blade boasts a huge boost of five skill points for Parry, Brawl, and Endurance respectively.

This Legendary Blade not only has the highest attack damage of any weapon in the Caribbean (Even beating out World Eater Blade), but if you choose to turn it in for gold, you'll get a hefty 10,000 Gold for your troubles!

Game Notes

  • This Cursed Blade was the fourth of the brand new six Legendary Cursed Blades found by Katnypp.
  • Tia Dalma published a blog post on the TLOPO website to retell the story of a man named Leviathan and his cursed sword.
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