Trans loot chest
Treasure button chest on
After defeating an enemy or sinking an enemy ship, a Loot Chest may be obtained. It will contain from 1-5 items. The Loot inside can range from gold, ammo, cards, Treasure Collection items, clothes or weapons. The weapons range from crude to rare. On very rare occasions Famed (as seen in picture below), or possibly even Legendary weapons may be found in a loot chest.

To acquire what's in the loot chest, simply walk up to it and press the Shift key. A contents window will appear. The pirate can then pick and choose what they want or select Take It All.

If a pirate has found an item and has no room to store it, they will be unable to take that item unless they delete an item from their inventory. A loot chest will disappear after 1 minute if all of the loot inside isn't taken.

Game Note: Loot Chests will always have a loot rating of 2.

Famed in a loot chest
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