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Loot or plunder consists of objects (weapons, clothes, ammunition, gold, tonics, etc.) that might be dropped by a pirate's enemy or enemy ship. These items are then available to be picked up after the battle.

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Finding Loot


After defeating an enemy a Loot Pouch, Loot Chest, or Loot Skull Chest may be dropped. There are also loot drops you get from Cannon Defense, Fishing, Sailing and in the El Patron Boss Battle. They will contain a number of items that can be added to the player's inventory. Loot Chests will usually contain higher quality items compared to pouches, while Skull Chests contain the best and rarest items.

The pirate can select which looted items to take or leave - or click "Take It All!".

If your pirate's inventory is full of a particular type of item, the new item will remain in the loot pouch, chest or skull chest. The pirate will then either have to make room for the item by deleting something else, or leave it behind.

Loot containers sport a skull Loot Rating to indicate an overall quality of the items found.

Game Notes:

  • A pirate may not receive any loot if they did not contribute significant damage to an enemy.
  • Sometimes an enemy leaves no loot at all. Don't be disappointed.
  • Healers to also get loot if the pirate they heal defeats an enemy.

Types of Loot


Game Notes

  • "Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing for sure what enemies carry the various types of loot available throughout the Caribbean. Both Jolly Roger and the EITC took control of a large host of the weapons and distributed them throughout their forces on every island of the Caribbean. The only way to discover what is out there is to engage as many enemies in battle as you can. The most valuable and dangerous weapon could come from the most surprising of places. Keep exploring and you will find some new weapons in no time!"--Jordan from Pirates of the Caribbean Online Member Services
  • As of the 5th April 2018, the TLOPO team increased the rate at which Legendary Cursed Blades will drop, saying "Please note that they will still be very hard to obtain, just not impossibly hard"
  • A Loot Chest can give a Famed or even a Legendary weapon on rare occasions, but a Loot Skull Chest gives the highest chance to find one.
  • On the rarest occasions, a Loot Pouch may give a Famed, or even Legendary weapon if you're very lucky!
  • When you get loot if you drag your mouse over the "Take It All" button a message will appear saying "...And Give Nothing Back!", which is a reference to a famous quote of Joshamee Gibbs and Jack Sparrow.
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