Weapon Card
Lieutenant's Cutlass Card
Break attack Captain's Resolve Rank 2
Boost(s) Cleave +1
Attack power 45
Group Admiral Cutlass Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Rare
Required level Sword 15
Value 191 gold
Weapon Model
Cutlass D

The Lieutenant's Cutlass is a Rare Cutlass and is the fourth Weapon of the the Admiral Cutlass Group. This Rare Cutlass gives the Captain's Resolve Break Attack which allows a pirate to use their inspiring influence to help nearby allies keep their fighting spirit up. The +1 boost to the Cleave skill helps make this weapon even more deadly.

Admiral's Cutlass Group

Quarter Master's Cutlass Card First Mate's Cutlass Card Lieutenant's Cutlass Card Commander's Cutlass Card Captain's Cutlass Card Commodore's Cutlass Card Vice Admiral's Cutlass Card Admiral's Cutlass Card

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