Noun - Characters, enemies and even ships are described by their level. This refers to their overall strength, both attack and defense. Pirates are ranked by their Notoriety level or earned experience points. Also, skills are listed by achieved level of proficiency.

In the game, the highest notoriety level you can reach is 50, and for skills is 30. Currently the maximum level for Potions and Fishing is 20.

Ex. - "That Dragoon is a level 29, and my pirate is only level 20 - so I better try to avoid him."

Verb - The act of increasing a skill or Notoriety level, usually through continued practice of it (ex. Fighting enemies with a Cutlass to 'level' the weapon and increase the level of the Cutlass skill.)

Ex. - "I went to Kingshead to 'level' my grenades."

Game Notes

The higher level your pirate is, the stronger your attacks, strength, and defense will become. Also, the higher level you become, the more health and voodoo you will have obtained. Another benefit of leveling up is that your accuracy increases. As you level, you will see less and less of that dreaded word, "Miss".

The original level cap was 40 for notoriety and for weapons was 25.
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