Stick Pirates
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This is a Guide on how to succeed in PvP

Step 1: First my advice is that you use a broadsword or a gun.

Step 2: Use silver or steel shot, and use the W,A,S,D keys and Q, and E to strafe, and use the space bar to jump and do it alot.

Step 3: When using a broadsword always keep turning and make sure the jumping slash lands on them. If using a gun try and make it to where they cant reach you, and if they do shoot them with a silver shot and try to lead him to other team mates ( i wouldn't recomend using a gun in mayhem.)

Step 4: Try to stay with your team mates and move in a group

Step 5: As always have fun and try not to be mean and a noob. If things are a little unfair i would use a doll but alot of people dont like that.

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