Tavern mug
La Bodeguita
La Bodeguita inside

La Bodeguita is the only tavern on Cuba. The ramshackle building is right on the beach.

The bar is tended by Will Wildshot, and it has both Tortuga Hold'em Poker and Blackjack tables. Because it's the only tavern on the island, many locals can be found here, including Enrique Stormbatten, drinking away his troubles and rambling about his life to Will.

Billy McKidd can also be found here, whom you will have to visit for several quests. Originally, the tavern had no musician for hire, Hector Keelgrin would only play for his own amusement. But in The Legend of Pirates Online, he will now play a song for 5 gold.

Game Note

The name La Bodequita translates to Little Store in Spanish.

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