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Krakenbane Sword
Krakenbane Sword Card.png
Break Attack Dark Curse Rank 3
Boost(s) Blade Storm +3
Unique Ability Dutchman's Wrath Rank 3
Attack Power 89
Group Krakenslayer Group
Location Loot
Rarity Famed
Required Level Sword 24
Value 285
Weapon Model
TLOPO Cursed Broadsword model.png

The Krakenbane Sword is a Famed Cursed Broadsword. This Broadsword gives the Dark Curse Break Attack which allows a pirate to become a spectral figure taking only half damage from combat and ranged attacks.

The Rank 3 Dutchman's Wrath Passive Skill allows this weapons user to deal extra damage against members of Davy Jones' Crew. The +3 boost to the Blade Storm skill helps make this weapon even more deadly.

Can be found in Loot on Raven's Cove and Isla Tormenta after completing the Raven's Cove Story Quest.

Krakenslayer Group

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Krakenbane Sword Card.png Krakenslayer.png