King's Run is a stretch of jungle on Port Royal connecting the town to the Murky Hollow. It is filled mostly with a collection of weak skeletons and alligators.

It was once a route for trade across the island, hence the name King's Run. But, it was invaded by skeletons and therefore abandoned. The lay of the land is mostly scattered trees leading to a waterfall and pool in the center. Though there are some dig spots, few, if any, quests lead you here.

Game Note

  • Some pirates go to the cliff tops and sharpshoot the skeletons below, which makes a perfect spot for your muskets and bayonets.
  • The main attraction is the entrance to the Murky Hollow, a terrifying cave system that Jolly Roger uses as a spawning point for his gruesome skeleton army.





Map and Dig Spots

Kings RunMapdigspots
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